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Kick-start your professional career with the Master specialized in Finance of the Norwegian School of Economics

Thursday - November 13, 2014

Believe it or not, finance is one of the most popular master programs around the world. This may be for many reasons, but mainly because of its historically outstanding career opportunities. Between the most popular careers that finance graduates pursue we can find investment and commercial banking, brokerage, private equity, consulting, investment management, business control, auditing and mutual funds.

The Master in Finance at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics is one of the specializations within the two-year Master of Science program in Economics and Business Administration so, after finishing the program, the student will be awarded the title MSc in Economics and Business Administration. The Finance profile combines a rigorous theoretical approach with extensive relevant real-world applications and this program allows for specialization through a choice of courses in Quantitative Finance, Financial Markets, and Corporate Finance.

The Norwegian School of Economics offers a flexible program structure that consists of 12 courses and a thesis. Students select six courses that relate directly to their major specialization, and the remaining six are elective courses. Four of the elective courses can be combined to make a minor concentration. This structure of the program enables the students with great flexibility and the possibility to tailor their degree based on their individual interests and career ambitions. Normally the student follows the courses in three semesters and dedicates the final semester to the thesis.

MeetingThroughout the program the student will develop a deep understanding of the most recent empirical research and models in financial economics while is learning to discuss, analyze and solve real-life problems relating to financial markets and financial decision-making in firms as well as understanding the fluctuations and drivers of financial markets. It is remarkable that key financial firms regularly visit the NHH campus and hire graduates.

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