Join the forefront of technological development with a Msc in Sustainable Energy System Management

Thursday - November 16, 2023

Sustainable energy systems are necessary to overcome the problems related to energy supply and climate change in the world today. Many of the global problems facing the planet today derive from the a growing scarcity of fossil fuels and its impact on not only the environment but world economies as well. Climate change is a very real problem that demands a new generation of scientists and engineers to work towards a global solution and tackle the pressing problems of climate change.

With the Master´s in Sustainable Energy Systems you will be joining a community of scientists and engineers to help work towards developing cleaner energy systems to deal with the demanding requirements for energy efficiency. You really will be gaining skills that will help change the world and develop new technologies for future generations to come.

The European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management from EUREC is created due to the necessity within the market. Studying the European Master in Sustainable Energy System Management will provide you with the skills required for employment in the Sustainable Energy industry. It provides management and communication skills, as well as the necessary technical knowledge to tackle the challenge of the energy system transition.

If you are interested in business case analysis, modelling, project design and implementation, this course might interest you! As a result of the foreign contact the course requires -your fellow students will come from all over the world- you will acquire the international outlook essential to the industry HR needs: SESyM is a great multicultural programme!

Another similar option is the European Master in Renewable Energy which focuses on the technical understanding and implementation of renewable energy technologies. You will gain specific expertise in one of the main technologies or their integration into the energy system.

You can choose between a range of specialisations:

  • Photovoltaics – taught at the University of Northumbria in the UK
  • Wind Energy – taught at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece
  •  Grid Integration – taught at the University of Zaragoza in Spain
  • Solar Thermal & Associated Renewable Storage – taught at the University of Perpignan in France
  • Ocean Energy – taught at IST Lisbon in Portugal
  • Sustainable Fuel Systems for Mobility – taught at Hanze UAS in the Netherlands

Both courses are structured in three sections, guaranteeing you to spend time in at least two different EU countries and make contact with a wide range of European institutes and companies involved in the sustainable energy sector. The participating universities are recognised at an international level for their work in the field of sustainable energy system management.


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