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Become an expert in International and European security and law!

Tuesday - October 13, 2015


Linköping is a city in Southern Sweden and is mostly well known for its university and high technology industry. In fact by 2025 Linköping wants to create a sustainable development of the city and plans to become a carbon neutral community. Along with high education standards and clean living, this makes Sweden a top destination for international students looking to study abroad. In 2014 the number of students applying to Swedish universities increased for the 7th year in a row, making the country an international hub for students of International Relations.

The Master in International and European Relations at Linköping University is rated as one of the top masters degrees in Sweden for International Relations. The program will give students the opportunity to study and take an active role in Europe´s world affairs and contribute to contemporary issues of international politics and global governance. The two year program will focus on International and European security and law and gives students the opportunity to complete an internship where they get to utilize their skills and topic knowledge.

Graduates of the Master in International and European Relations can find work opportunities in the following fields:

  • Governmental institutions
  • International public organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations and NGO´s
  • Public sector
  • If you are interested in studying the Masters in International and European Relations at The University of Linköping, be sure to watch our live webinar on the 4th of November. During the session you will be able to find out about the program syllabus and curriculum and speak with the course directors and ask any questions you might have about the program. To register fill out the online form below.[wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”kzcrrk81ux0j1c” autoresize=”true” height=”516″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]