Will the pandemic result to a more sustainable future?

Thursday - April 22, 2021

As today is Earth Day we would to bring the attention to this topic, combined with the hottest topic of the last year. Although you likely are also getting tired and immune to all Corona-news.. however we can’t stop asking critical questions: so before answering the title question, ask yourself these 4 questions ☺️:

1. Why don’t we hear much about how to improve our health? 🤔

Why is nobody promoting exercise and healthy food for example? That is what actually will reduce your RISK to even become ill. Instead we only hear negative, FEARful news..I find it very strange.

2. Has your health been sustainable over the last year? 🤔

I ask myself this and it’s become very challenging to stay physically and mentally healthy. It seems everybody is more stressed. Mental challenges, face-masks making us breathe bad, more anxious. People are poorer (lost jobs/ closed businesses), and more depressed as we can’t socialize.

3. Why not put all focus on people at risk, since when is locking up healthy people sustainable and benefiting society? 🤔

Sure it’s a serious virus but we’re creating whole (I believe bigger) problems. The world stopped for Corona. But what happened to cancer, diabetes, or even the simpel flu? (which apparently disappeared..). Physical restrictions increases heart-/ respiratory diseases/diabetes even more (which is the 90+% reason of underlying risk conditions). Meanwhile we worry we stuff ourselves with more bad food, alcohol, stressing.. Not to mention isolating the elderly and locking down kids. Shouldn’t we just concentrate on the ones at risk and give all care to those? I find it very strange..

4. Shouldn’t vaccinating be a personal health-risk question?


If you’re in the risk group (by now it’s clear who), sure it is likely wise to do so. However if you’re healthy maybe one could question the medium-long term risk perhaps? I find the whole Marketing propaganda very strange and many rules are highly questionable of its effect/ purpose..

‘Conclusion: what is it about then?

Leaving aside conspiracies or doom-thinking let’s try to keep open mind and think of a possible ´greater good´, empathize with others and try to focus on the positive (staying critical on our thinking, rights and freedom!)

For sure this phase is taken as an ´agent of change´ as the way we lived was not sustainable and this reset brings a halt to mass-tourism, traffic congestion and catapults us into a digital era reducing carbon footprint (setting us up for a Universal basic income?).

Also it forces us to appreciate living simple, nature and our freedom again. So let’s make sure we keep that!

Below graph explains well some effects in more detail.

coronavirus health vs risks