A special day to congratulate all those studying abroad!

And for those that are thinking of taking the big step?

Well, this is what we think…

Either you are about to set off your Bachelor’s degree journey, or you are moving on with a Master’s programme, you can feel it, and yes, it’s true: The decision that will take about your studies abroad is of crucial importance for your life. But have you ever thought why is that?

International Student Day

Is it about the stimulating theoretical classes, the practical hands on experience or the exciting team projects? Or could it be about the international university fame, the high-tech equipment of the labs, the excellent quality of the research and the promising career perspectives? The obvious answer is yes, of course! It’s definitely about all of that!


Your very own path

What can be less obvious though, is that the unique rewarding experience that the university will offer you is just the tip of the iceberg. What truly and meaningfully counts is the basis that you are about to build for yourself. It’s about the story that you are going to write and your willingness to surprise yourself by discovering your real nature

The time that you will invest in your studies will be a revealing chapter of your character and your personality. Most of the times very exciting and creative, but sometimes also quite challenging or even frustrating, your university years will tremendously help you to understand who you are, what you are passionate about and how you’ll find the way to make your dreams come true…


The background counts

The setting that your self-transformation will happen has a very important say, as the natural, cultural and intellectual environment we live in has a remarkable impact on our mentality, our self-confidence and the life attitude that we adopt. The country that you’ll choose to study will become your new home and kindly offer you a new set of useful values that can open you the door to completely new perspectives. Every continent, every country, every city can give you something completely different as unique as its history, its nature, its civilisation, its heritage and its culture.


Study in the Netherlands

The welcoming, colorful, enterprising, innovative and inventive Holland is the country that a great majority of the best international high-caliber talented students choose to engrave their own personal story with this trend dramatically increasing in the last ten years. Efficient but entertaining, multicultural but integrated, technological but sustainable, small but amazingly diverse, liberal but incomparably safe, the Netherlands is one of the top science leading countries.

Due to its geographical location, in the heart of Europe, its unique landscape, its very highly educated people and its admirable social care system allows for the Dutch universities to teach you something harder than other educational institutions may offer: Respect of your own personal choices in life.


Eindhoven University of Technology!

If you belong to those ambitious prospective students that demand such a promising achievement, let us introduce you the Eindhoven University of Technology, one of the best ranked univeristies in the Netherlands. Register to our Online Open Days and attend the interactive 45-min sessions to get thoroughly informed about the programme of your choice!



Whatever your passion is, The Study Abroad Portal is here to keep you tuned: Check out the Online Open Days, register and see you there!

So, happy International Student Day to every current or prospective international student! We wish you all the best for a creative future!


The Study Abroad Portal Team

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