International Business masters in the UK – Entrepreneurship and Business opportunities

Friday - May 15, 2015

As a student, life has many opportunities in store for you. The most important is to recognize and grab them at the right time. Having a successful career is beyond doubt the dream of any graduate and there is no better way to pave the path towards it than choosing the right Master programme.

Do you have a degree in management, marketing, or economics? That means that you dream of a high position in a worldwide known company or even of setting up your own business. What better strategy to reach your goals than going for an international Master with focus on developing your entrepreneurial and managerial skills?

Cope with the requirements of a globalised world

Today’s business scene has been greatly influenced by globalisation. It is of utmost importance for a future leader to know how to do their job in a multicultural environment and to feel at ease when interacting with foreign cultures. These are highly valued assets in nowadays business world that can be acquired by studying abroad at a reputed business school and having colleagues from all over the world, with whom you can share ideas and build up future partnerships. Besides, you gain first-hand knowledge and expertise you can apply either back in your home country or anywhere else.

thecityThe UK – The epitome of academic quality

The UK is a true European hotspot in terms of high quality education and international students. Masters in International Business are among all-time favourites and that comes as no surprise: the UK prides not only on holding 3 positions in top 10 universities for business & management studies, but also on having the best business & management university around the globe, namely London Business School, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015.

The UK also boasts universities that are always to be found in top 10 the QS World Rankings, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and a long list of further highly ranked institutions, which attract numerous international students every year: University of Manchester, Bristol University, Nottingham University or Westminster Business School.

International Business Masters – The sky is the limit

An International Business degree ranges from general comprehensive programs to specific programs focusing on developing entrepreneurial skills and leadership or management. Choosing the right program to lead you to your future business career is the most important step before embarking on this journey, so knowing the opportunities UK universities have in store for you is the first step to take. For instance, London School of Business offers Master courses in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Organisational Behaviour; Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford gives you the chance to study Organisational Leadership, and Strategy and Innovation; at the University of Warwick you have programmes like Management for Business Excellence, Management of Student Work Experience. These are just a few examples of specific Master programmes, so you can get a quick overview over study directions.

Their aim is to provide you with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to succeed in a rapidly changing globalised world, granting both professional and personal development. A Master program on business strategy focus on sharpening your logical skills and develop strategic thinking in order to make a change within an organisation or even set up your own, whereas a Management program will equip you with the right mind-set to face the challenges of the fast-moving business world. You will be given the necessary conditions and framework to develop your entrepreneurial skills and make your business ideas come true.


Post-graduation Career Opportunities

Employment prospects look particularly good in the UK. 28 of the 2014 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in London and having an International Business post-graduate degree is a pretty valuable business card for many employers. To secure you a good job, besides this degree, you also need a good academic record and a substantial amount of extracurricular activities. The UK, and especially London, is a real magnet for international students and prospective businessmen, so hard work and passion are the recipe for success to cope with competition. Among the most demanded positions are Financial Analyst and Personal Financial Advisor, Risk Analyst, Business and Development Manager, Equity and Investment Analyst and the list can go on.

Want to find more about the business Master courses the UK has in store? Check out the QS Course Finder online directory and find the right programme to suit your needs.