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Obtain a Master´s degree in Human Resources Management in Paris.

Tuesday - October 15, 2013

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Human Resources Management (HRM) describes the process of managing people within organisations. To study in this area you should have a genuine interest in the practices and processes of organisations and how they influence people; in other words, the human side of organisations.

At the prestigious institute CIFFOP in Paris you can obtain a Master’s degree in International Human Resources Management.  The institute is part of the honored Sorbonne University and is regularly ranked as the best place to get a master’s degree in International HRM.

This programme will help you acquire the necessary HRM skills and develop concrete experience in an international setting.

You will also be able to gain professional experience in a leading international company based in France meanwhile you obtain your master’s degree.

CIFFOP offers a carefully designed and development programme led by academics and industry professionals, carried out in English and targeting European and international students.


CIFFOP was a real stepping-stone to a professional
career. Thanks to personal follow-up and the alumni
network, I was able to find my first job. In fact, a CIFFOP
alumnus contacted Bella Ferreira, CIFFOP Coordinator,
when an opportunity arose at GE Healthcare.
Bella passed on the CVBook of the graduating class,
highlighting profi les that met the job spec. I was then
recruited as HR Manager. The personal follow-up with
graduates is a real plus of this course


Gwenaelle Remy, HR Manger General Electric



To learn more about the Master at CIFFOP  register to this free Webinar and find out if you are qualified.


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