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How would you like to get a Master´s degree from America´s first research university in Italy!

Thursday - October 22, 2015

Bologna is located in Northern Italy and is home to the invention of the famous and delicious bolognese sauce, as well as boasting a city with two very versatile halves. One side is well known for its high tech and wealthy hard working habitants. Meanwhile the other is an alternative and politically active hub with the world´s oldest university.


John Hopkin´s University is an American institute that was opened in 1943 in Washington D.C, the European campus was opened in Bologna, Italy in 1955. In fact one of Bologna´s nicknames is “la dotta” which means the learned one and shows a long, prestigious history in academic tradition and excellence.

The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) offers a range of postgraduate programs focusing on world affairs and international relations. The programs are offered as cooperative degrees with various top class educational institutes around Europe. Students are given the opportunity to study at the Institut d’études politiques de Lille in France and finish their studies in Bologna. The university also has connections with The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria and The University of Leiden, in the Netherlands.

The academic offering at SAIS Europe is interdisciplinary, equipping students with the analytical skills required to solve problems of real-world significance. The career prospects after finishing one of the degrees are numerous as the course offers annual career trips to destinations like Brussels, London and Geneva match students with SAIS alumni in the highest ranks of European policy-making, business and NGOs.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in international relations or you have a passion for world and global affairs then SAIS is a world class place to study. There is the opportunity to gain an American education in a beautiful European destination with the chance to network within top European institutions and study in other destinations around Europe. There are also a high calibre of master´s programs on offer.

To get more information about the postgraduate programs on offer at SAIS Europe, John Hopkins University sign up to our informative online webinar on the 12th of November 2015. It is completely free and during the live session you will be able to speak directly with the tutors and directors to learn more about the course and what life is like as a student in Bologna. Don´t miss out and sign up today to start your brand new career:[wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”z134oe9j1oq0b7o” autoresize=”true” height=”621″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]