How to juggle studying and working abroad

Making the decision to spend a significant amount of time abroad is always complicated. It is tough enough Finding a job abroad or diving into a new study routine in a foreign land, but some people choose to do both.

It’s a tough and admirable path, considering the sheer upheaval of moving to another country in the first place. So we’ve put together some handy tips to help you really make the most of your time abroad, even as a working student:

Timetable and prioritise

Finding a way to balance the study contact hours, your working day, and home study is no easy task; make sure you know in advance which things are more important to you and fit them into a timetable. It will soon become clear what is feasible for you to complete and what kind of job you may have time for.

Give yourself at least one day free per week

You are abroad, living the dream. If you timetable correctly, you should be able to have a whole day a week that allows you to explore your new surroundings. The abroad experience is important too!

Study with others

Make friends with natives on your course, and spend time absorbing the culture and language by studying together with them. Then you won’t feel you are missing out on foreign life when you are occupied with work and study.

Find a job that compliments your studies

Two birds with one stone! You can put your study into practice, and you will learn on the job without having to study so much.

Consider staying behind to work that extra hour

If you work in an office, you could open up your evenings for exciting student events and activities by simply doing your necessary study before leaving work. Make sure that your boss doesn’t mind, and take advantage of being in ‘work-mode’ to get study out of the way.

Find holiday work

If you feel like it’s too much to succeed as a student and an employee, why not find summer or holiday jobs between studying; it will boost your finances and allow you to concentrate on one thing at a time.

And don’t forget: finding a job, either way, gives you a perfect excuse to stay in the country after your studies, especially over the summer!

With Europe Language Jobs, you can use your language skills to find you a job abroad; even your native language becomes an asset overseas!

Most of all, enjoy your time abroad and make the most of every second!