For some it is a necessity but for others just a “nice to have”, find a job while studying at the university is a huge opportunity you have to catch in advance.

✎ Here in this blog post, I’ll try to give you some useful tips to get a job while studying.

Let’s start from the beginning! Studying at a University is not an easy step in your life and it requires focus, passion, motivation as well as sacrifices. Considering the latter, they are meant to be under the sphere of reducing or abandoning part of your social life in order to support your future personal and professional career. Even more, you have to know studying at the university is not a joke and all the beautiful things you have spent during high school are going to decrease. And above all, it would be better to find a job meanwhile attending uni courses.

Ok, there are situations where some students are kind of obligated to find a job to fund studies and others where they are just super motivated to start working while studying. However, in both situations, it will be the best choice you could take.


Generally speaking, it’s hard to find a job if you’re not mentally ready to do it. I try to explain myself in a clearer way. Until you’re just thinking about working but your mindset is not deeply oriented in pushing efforts in finding it, you won’t be able to start.

For this reason, what I suggest you is setting up your mindset in a way that you feel an insight powerful motivation to start. And trust me, as you are mentally ready, you’ll get into a tunnel full of job opportunities and new realities.


Here it comes the tough part: combine work and university. Honestly, in most cases, it’s quite hard to start a full-time job while studying. But wait, there are a lot of part-time positions out there! And covering this position means combining successfully work and uni courses. Above all, you have nowadays a huge range of part-time positions, from a bartender to an intern in a company. I know, talking about money, clearly, you won’t be paid as a full job but it’s always a good way to start and join the job environment.

As you find the balance, you will be successfully able to coordinate your studies and your daily job tasks.

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In this current digitalized world, you have several ways to find a job position:

  1. LinkedIn: the first thing I suggest you is to fix and set your LinkedIn profile. In fact, many companies are daily posting job position announcements and hiring posts on this Social Media. Thus, sit down, open your laptop, and fill up your profile with all information that shows your experiences, skills and academic background. Afterwards, start sending applications. In the beginning, you won’t receive answers, but over the weeks I’m sure you’ll get positive notifications from LinkedIn.
  2. University Portal: in almost all universities, you have a proper portal where companies publish available job positions for students. In this case, companies are likely in collaboration with your university and they are more open to hiring students. Moreover, it’s easier to find a part-time job in these portals since companies basically know your current situation of student-worker. You can find also study programs that allow you to do an internship before graduating. Just to give you an example, Hof University in Germany offers a Master in Software Engineering where students spend the second year doing a practical internship in industry.
  3. Spread your voice: seems old school, but it’s always a good way! Just ask around about available job positions as well as tell about your motivation to start working. Talk with friends, family and professors of your uni. You could have the chance to find something just spreading your voice!
  4. Other online websites: there are thousands of websites where you can set up your profile (same idea as LinkedIn) and find out job positions. Just surf on the internet and I’m sure you’ll find interesting websites. We can recommend for example to search and apply for the latest student jobs here.


As you get a job, your life will definitively change. From day one, you’ll feel more responsible for yourself. Above all, I’m sure you’ll be strongly able to combine working hours with your studies (ok, maybe you’ll need some time to settle down!). Most importantly, remember that work means improving your CV. And if you start working at early ages while studying, companies will appreciate it and you’ll likely have more chances to find a great job after graduating.

Last but not least, in most cases, you’ll earn money! And since I’m a student as well, I know that having more money in your pocket during the uni period is something super satisfying and helpful for your daily (and night!!) life.

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