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Not sure if you want to become an architect, a doctor, an economist or rather an engineer?

The truth is that choosing a career has never been easy for anyone, not even for your parents, for your dentist or even for Steve Jobs. This is probably one of the hardest decisions a young person like you will have to face in life sooner or later, especially if you still don´t know what to study or what your skills are.

Maybe you should do a little brainstorming: First of all, take a piece of paper and write down your strengths, your personality, values in life, your skills and all that comes to your mind when you think about what kind of person you really are. Also take notes about what you enjoy doing the most. Why should you do that? Because it will help you to analyze and know yourself a little better, to get to know your own personality and strengths and to see them written down on a paper, you will see things a lot clearer.

It´s important to know all the options you have, learn about them and compare them in order to be able to choose the most suitable one for you.

Read carefully about every degree of the Universities you are planning to attend. After reading and knowing the different possible careers, it´s very useful to take a career test – the results will suprise you and help you to make the right choice.

If at the end you still have doubts about choosing your career, we suggest you to visit a career counseling. Don´t be afraid of asking for help, many students have been there before! Remember, this is an important decision to make, and once you choose your career, commit to it, study hard and persevere! Good luck!!