How to become a BUSINESS LEADER of tomorrow?

Wednesday - April 30, 2014

Are you aspiring to become a business leader of tomorrow?


Leadership is about helping others to find their way to success!
In today’s competitive environment is not enough to have a degree. If you are a practicing manager or a business owner the best way to succeed and have a promising carrer is by studying an Executive Management Programme.

Where can you find a complete Programme in order to improve your leadership skills? 

XIMB, a part of Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB), has focused on quality and rigorous education, academic infrastructure, technology and innovation. XIMB is among the best B-Schools in India!

They are offering a variety of programs dedicated to promote excellence in specialized Executive Management Education at the Master’s Level!

The people that pursue this Programme are getting trained in technical and functional skills such as communication, accounting, finance, marketing and operations, and shall be helped to develop their analytical and integrative skills so that they can define complex problems with clarity and adopt a methodology best suited to deal with them.


Participants will come from different parts of the country and share a variety of knowledge of their respective educational background and the industry to which they belong, this provides a very interesting activity to learn from each other. Students will be able to know different points of view and knowledge gained through work experience.

What kind of Programmes are they offering?

• World class Executive Management Programme by XIMB, XUB
• One Year Executive Management Programme : Full-time offering Management Degree
• One Year Executive Management Programme : Part-time offering Management Diploma

Participants can choose the area(s) of specialization and moreover. The advantage of this Programmes is that anyone needs to interrupt their current professional careers!

The time you would spend at Xavier Institute of Management and Xavier University, Bhubaneswar will be an unforgettable experience of rediscovering yourself and your development as a responsible global leader. Make this destination the most meaningful journey of your lifetime!

If  this sounds good to you and wish to attend a completely free Webinar to ask all the questions you want please fill out the form below.

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