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The before and after of marketing, thanks to the Internet.

Have you ever wondered how marketing has changed due to the technological advances we’ve had in the last decades? These are just some of the things that have changed…3364691699_09ef6c2341_o

Measurement of the ROI

Before: Advertisement was done through newspaper and other print formats, radio and TV. In these mediums you can only have an idea of the demographics but you can not measure the impact of the ad itself.

After: Now a days you can track KPIs that will tell you exactly how you online ads are performing, from clics to conversions. You can know exactly how much money a certain online investment has made your company.

Lead generation 

Before: Before companies would invade your space and time, with interruptive content like TV ads and direct phone calls.

After: Companies generate content about their products and service, to help customers make their own decisions.

Customer Service

Before: When had a question or a problem, they would send a letter, call or even sue the company.

After: Now, people look for possible solutions online and/ or reach out through their social media platforms to get a fast answer from the company. If peolpe want to let the world know about their problem with the company, they just share it on twitter including any commonly used hashtag for that company.


Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland offers students the possibility to specialize in Internet Marketing and start a career in PR, marketing, sales and public affairs. The BA in Internet Marketing offers every student an engaging challenge of becoming familiar with the following fields:

  • Webvertising
  • Infobrokering
  • Social-media

At the same time, students are taught about the basics of entrepreneurship, starting up a business, as well as about corporate social responsibility and multicultural context. Most classes are delivered in the form of interactive learning such as workshops, exercises, meetings with professionals and individual and group projects.

Learn more about this new Bachelors Degree in Internet marketing in an online informative session that will take place June 8th at 17:00h Amsterdam / 18:00h Moscow / 20:30h New Delhi / 11:00h New York.

Register below and join the webinar to learn more about the Internet Marketing Degree from Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland!

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