How do you become successful in Human Resources Management?

Friday - November 22, 2013


The business world is changing and excellent HR people are required on the market.  To keep up with these changes it is necessary to adapt.. For this reason ambitious students from all over the world are grateful for the Human Resources programs at CIFFOP.

The outstanding school is located in Paris in France and is an institution part of Part of Sorbonne University.

The institution offers a range of Human Resources programs. Because of the always ongoing cooperation between the business world and the the university the school manage to keep up with the fast pace and changing environment in the industry.

Some students from the school are happy to tell you their experiences:


A small story.. from the outset it seemed natural..the transmission of knowledge, the links between generations, the

partnership between Business and University, so many goos reasons to agree to be a tutor. Then, you discover the richness of subjects addressed, the ideas challenged, the truths we don´t always hear anymore, you realize the richness of the educational system built up by CIFFOP. The end of the year soon arrives and you know that you have experienced something wonderful.

Phillipe Louvet, Director of Human Resources in Research and Innovation Lòreal.



students...“Our tutor was always available to listen.I appreciated the richness of our exchanges at each of our meetings. Thank you for having established a tutoring system at CIFFOP. It is in my view a very precious relationship, allowing us to step back and truly reflect on HR functions. ”

 Myriam Lacroix, Year 2011 HR Junior Manager, SWAROVSKI

I think that the CIFFOP Master program has become one of the most professional HR master’s. Its work/study format, the involvement of numerous professionals and experts, the tutoring of students by HR Directors in major companies, and the creation of a network during and after training via CEFOP are all assets allowing CIFFOP students and graduates to quickly integrate and develop responsibilities within HR services.  ”

Alexandre LECHEVALIER Class of 2006 “Human Resources Manager”

“CIFFOP was a real stepping-stone to a professionalparis beautiful career. Thanks to personal follow-up and the alumni network, I was able to fi nd my fi rst job. In fact, a CIFFOP
alumnus contacted Bella Ferreira, CIFFOP Coordinator,
when an opportunity arose at GE Healthcare.
Bella passed on the CVBook of the graduating class,
highlighting profi les that met the job spec. I was then
recruited as HR Manager. The personal follow-up with
graduates is a real plus of this course.”

Gwenaelle REMY
Class of 2011 HR Manager,

For more information register to the informative online day with CIFFOP, Sorbonne University!

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