Guest to Overcoming the Hurdles of Studying Abroad!

Monday - January 27, 2014

This is a guest post by Sabrina Walker. Sabrina Walker serves as an professional academic writer and currently working at mighty research papers agency in USA. She has worked with a varity of different educational companies in order to serve her expertise.

How would you feel if you receive your student visa? Happy, Nervous or Apprehensive?

I think it always seems really exciting until you go through that journey. The moment you land at your destination, things begin to appear to be a little different. You have no one around to guide you in an alien place. There is no one waiting for you at home and no one will bother if it happens to be your birthday. It sounds really lonely, isn’t it?images (23)

Face it, that’s the reality. You are your only support and you have to manage things alone. No convenience, no financial dependence on others and no emotional support. That is how things work when you study as a foreign student.

Aloofness in a New Society

When you land your feet in a new country, you feel a certain level of detachment. You feel lonely and detached and a sense of belonging is lost. This might be because you belong to a different cultural background or because native citizens are reluctant to interact with a foreigner.
It is quiet natural to feel a little aloofness in a new society.

It happens in a new country that you have not travelled before. People will take time to accept you and mingle with you. But you can still enjoy your initial days with your friends at your homeland. Just plug in your computer and connect to your family and friends back at home. Take advantage of technology to communicate with your loved ones who will be looking forward for your incoming calls or messages.

Unfamiliarity with Cultural Norms and Laws

When you arrive in a new country, you are not familiarized with their cultural background. So there would be chances of cultural clashes and violation of rules. Sometimes, students get stuck in legal matters due to their ignorance with local laws.images (22)

So it is always better to read the pertinent rules before embarking on the journey. You do not want to start your journey with an unpleasant ordeal at airport or at your accommodation. Check out all pertinent laws of that country for example driving laws and alcohol consumption. Similarly, you should learn about any taboo that is not tolerated in that society.

The Issues with Finances

Studying abroad is a costly affair. So if you have not planned finances of your trip, you are going to face tough financial phase. Mostly students abroad work part time to support their living expenses and education costs. Most often they have work for extended hours if they are seeking additional courses. This results in higher stress levels and ultimately the education is suffered.

But a financial plan can save you from going through this ordeal. Come up with a financial strategy well before you apply for a student visa. Make sure that you have sufficient funds available to afford your course and living expenses in a foreign country. Finally you will get a definite figure in your balance sheet.

Next, you will work out the costs in case of any lapse in course or if you extend your stay after completion of course. Think about employment and other resources that may come handy in any such scenario.

Look For Information about Accommodation

Students most often overlook accommodation issues. Just imagine if you have to live in an accommodation that is miles away from your campus or if you have to share your dormitory with a messy fellow. Setting your preferences earlier will make things a lot easier later.

Institutions offer on-campus housing to facilitate students. If you are going for a dormitory room, you should check out the necessary amenities. Learn about any fellow who will be sharing the room with you. Take a look into the facilities in proximity to your accommodation. Is transport available? Can you buy daily groceries? And above all is there any hospital or medical facility in case of emergency?