Going to College Soon? Here’s How to Prepare

Monday - September 6, 2021

What do you need to prepare before going to college? It’s a question that often gets asked and we’re here to answer it. One of the most important things is your budget, so be sure you have enough money for tuition and books. You should also plan out how many hours per day you will study (many students underestimate this). And don’t forget about your personal life; make plans with friends and family members when they can visit!

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1. What are your goals for college and why do you want to go there

First and foremost, prepare your goals. If you have a goal in mind, it’s much easier to prepare for college.

– Your reasons should come from deep inside of you and not just because everyone is going or that you feel pressured to go. It needs to be something that makes sense when looking back at it later on in life.

– Do some research about the colleges – what they offer, their ranking (if any), etc… Ask yourself if this school will help me achieve my ultimate goal (beyond making money).

– What is your financial situation

If you have a lot of money saved up, it’s easier to prepare as you can afford things like overseas trips for research purposes. But if not, try and find the cheapest way to prepare so that it doesn’t hinder other major life changes such as having kids or buying a house.

– Plan ahead: don’t delay anything until the last minute – even though college applications need time (esp. difficult ones), they will take up all of your free time and energy; therefore plan certain deadlines well in advance instead of cramming at the end when there are more important things happening.

2. Talk to people who have gone through the process of applying to colleges

Ask them about their experiences and what they wish they had known before going into the process. These people can be family or friends that have gone through the experience, as well as professionals who work in admissions for schools such as teachers, guidance counselors, etc.

This is one of the most important steps because you will learn a lot from those people who are already experienced with college life and know what to prepare yourself for! Plus you might even get some great advice on your essays if you need it to.

3. Research what’s required for the school you’re looking at

Making sure you can afford everything you need to prepare for college is the first step.  Researching the right university and realizing all of the things you’ll need once you get to college is the next step.

Research what a school will cost before applying, and prepare enough money for tuition, housing, food, and other expenses. Many schools require students living on campus to have a meal plan, so make sure that can be factored into your budget as well.

A very good way to start your research about type of study, country and university can be done through interactive Webinars. They have the benefit that you can get lots of information in a short time, hear/ ask questions from similar students like you and ask any doubts you may have (often even to students/ alumni who join!). You can start here: webinars4you.com/2022

4. Make a list of everything that will be needed in order to get into college

Realizing which items need to be purchased or prepared can prepare you for the expenses ahead. In order to make a list, check with your college as they should have many of these items listed on their website.

– Get rid of all unnecessary clutter from around the house and work area in general – this will prevent an overwhelming feeling when moving into a new space that is smaller than what was previously occupied.

– Create a budget based on research found online or through talking with parents about how much things cost where they went to school.

– Decide what kind of lifestyle one wants once going away to college – prepare yourself by exploring different options beforehand so any necessary purchases are not made too early without proper consideration,

– Create a list of all college necessities, including the type of food that will be eaten regularly.

– Think about how many hours per week are needed to prepare for homework and studying at home.

– Prepare your schedule in advance by planning out when assignments need to be completed. This is especially important before receiving syllabi from professors ahead of time – it can become quite stressful if too much work needs to get done within such a small amount of time.

5. Prepare financially by saving money or getting help from family members or scholarships

One of the most important things to prepare when going to college is how you will pay for it. It can be very expensive, so to be prepared for going to college, you also have to prepare financially by saving money or getting help from family members if they are able to do so. If not, there are scholarships out there that might be available specifically for students who want to go into certain professions like teaching or engineering.

–  If having a car on campus would make life easier while attending school, then get one before entering college!

– Also think about what classes you should take in high school and whether the teachers at your current high school give good enough advice that could impact these decisions (if this applies). You don’t necessarily have to worry too much about taking AP courses because some colleges only require two years of the same foreign language while others require more than that.

–  When it comes to deciding on what specific classes you should take, think about your future career so you can prepare yourself for the demands of your chosen profession!

6. Figure out how long it will take you to commute each day and plan accordingly

Last but not least, prepare for the time it will take to get to and from school. Depending on where your campus is located in relation to your home, you may have anywhere between a 15-minute walk or multiple-hour commute each day.

Plan accordingly so that you prepare yourself enough travel time each way! If not, then there’s nothing wrong with taking an Uber or Lyft (if legal) when necessary.


Getting into college is a big deal. It’s not just about academics anymore, it’s also about socializing and making friends as well as figuring out how to balance work-life while on campus. The best way to figure all of this out is by doing your homework! Once you’ve done that, there are some mistakes we want you to avoid when applying for colleges like expecting every school will accept the same test scores or grades (they won’t!), don’t forget things like tuition and housing fees, and make sure you’re prepared financially before beginning the process.

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