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Tuesday - November 10, 2015

InternationalMarketingWe live in a globalized world and as an international marketer you will face issues stemming from the diversity of organizations, countries and customers. The Master’s programme in International Marketing at Mälardalen University will give you a head-start by allowing you to develop your skills and knowledge about marketing, strategy and culture as well as research method.

The International Marketing programme provides you not only with theoretical knowledge of international marketing and business but also helps develop the skills needed for successful collaboration within and between multinational groups. It also provides you with an understanding of management and strategy of international business, as well as different kinds of marketing.

Your training as a marketer and international business professional starts in the classroom where you need to actively participate in discussion, projects and presentations. These assignments will be presented in writing and orally at seminars. During the seminars, all students will peer-review and scrutinize each other’s papers in groups.

After graduating from the programme, you will have a good understanding of central concepts and theories in the field of international marketing and business, as well as the skills needed to collect and process information for management decisions. You will have the ability to analyze problems in new or unfamiliar environments or situations, and be able to cooperate and communicate successfully in multi-ethnic contexts. You will be prepared for work in an international organization and for work within international trade in cross-cultural environments.

Meet Eren – former student and today marketing manager at Google

Eren Kantarli studied the Master’s programme in International Marketing at Mälardalen University and finished his studies in 2005. Today he holds a position as marketing manager at Google.

guyWhy did you choose to study the International Marketing programme?

Instead of choosing a city or a university name, I searched for high quality programmes. The programme at Mälardalen University was perfectly tailored for marketers’ needs, nothing more or nothing less, like an exact match. I also had a chance to write my dissertation while taking my courses.

What did you learn, in general, at the International Marketing programme?

A successful marketer has to live a colourful life to better determine the needs of a segment group. I had a colourful learning experience at Mälardalen University and the International Marketing programme gave me a sense of being an international marketer and understanding the needs of different consumer groups.

What was best about studying at Mälardalen University?

Campus was not isolated from the city, which made my life so much easier. Also, the Student Union worked perfectly. I am sure every single student in the programme enjoyed the Student Union’s events and met lots of friends from other countries.

What is your current position?

I work as marketing manager at Google headquarter in California, US. Currently I am working for a brand-new product called Google Offers. The core responsibility is to position the product for the market, decide and execute go-to-market marketing strategy.

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