Summer is here! WOHOOO! but when you turn on your laptop and check out your bank account and you discover it is…EMPTY! time to scream  out loud: OMG!

Yes, you are not the only one, it happens to a lot of people… If you can’t afford a lot this summer, at least have some fun time doing amazing things! Of course you will have many BBQ’s, read books, listen to music, go to the beach and enjoy the free time with your friends, but you can get a lot more out of your summer!


Here we suggest you a list of things you can do this summer to entertain yourself!

Summer Volunteer


Do good. Community service is a great way to gain some valuable work and leadership experience. Many non-profit organizations need a helping hand for a few hours during the summer.

Travel 2013


There are many cheap ways to travel! Expand your awareness of other peoples and cultures. And, the best thing: travelling is a great chance to develop language skills.



‘Summer school’ doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! You could make a language exchange, offer classes and earn some money which you can reinvest in taking any kind of classes – why not learning to play the guitar? Or a new foreign language? To give classes and learn new things will look great on your CV!

Education 2013


Along with summer classes, enrichment programs can be another valuable and educational summer experience. Local youth groups or area colleges and universities use to offer enrichment programs, and often they also have residential or day camps for high school students focused on specific topics such as music, creative writing, science, engineering and a variety of other areas of interest. These programs are a good way to explore and gain experience in fields you may want to study in college.

Don’t waste your summer, you have so many options – you just need to choose!