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From rainy UK to sunny Barcelona – a blogger’s story

Friday - June 29, 2018

Hello once again ladies and gents! Thank you all for being so faithful to our work all this time. Today is a very special in the life of yours truly. Now, you may be wondering why, right? Well, because I will share with you all a blogger’s story. A global citizen’s story. A story of a soul not necessarily belonging to one place or country, but of a soul that belongs to this beautiful Mother Earth. So let’s begin the journey I’d say ?

From rainy UK to sunny BarcelonaFirstly it was Britain…

Everything started some 10 years ago, when a young, but ambitious high-school student from Eastern Europe had to make a crucial choice about his future. Basically, where to go study his Bachelor’s. After months of research and thinking, he finally decided on his next destination – Great Britain. A destination that was going to bring him a lot of memorable moments of all kinds, at the same time paving his life path for the couple of years that were about to come…

Then Barcelona…

From rainy UK to sunny BarcelonaUK was all fine and everything, but after 2 years of constant rain, one needs some sun in their life. And since we humans are subconscious, hedonistic beings, survival instinct kicked in. My uni was so cool to encourage student mobility by offering financial support for whoever wanted to do their internship abroad, so as soon I found out about this opportunity, I had to look into it. I always had a calling for Spain and its culture so I started researching internship opportunities in España. Gracias al Dios grande, there were plenty! Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla… but what really caught my attention was a start-up real estate agency in Barcelona. Guess what – I applied, passed the interview and before I knew it I was a Marketing intern in the centre of Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain!

And after that Web2Present!

From rainy UK to sunny BarcelonaBut since life is a cruel mistress, all good things must to come to an end eventually. One year later, with a lot of experience in my portfolio and after living ‘la vida loca’ with fiesta every single weekend, it was time I returned to UK to finish my Bachelor’s degree. But I always knew deep down that one day I was going to return to Barcelona, because there is a certain kind of vibe around this city. A vibe that cannot be put into words, you just have to… FEEL IT. I didn’t take too long to decide, so 6 months after my graduation I was back in Barcelona, more ready than ever to take on the world. So I started looking for a job in Marketing and since I believe in signs, I took the first job that was offered to me. Guess I have a thing for start-ups, as another one – Web2Present – was going to be my home for the next year and a half!

Life goes on

From rainy UK to sunny BarcelonaAn international environment full of interesting people from all over the world that shapes you into a new, improved version of yourself. That is Web2Present in a nutshell. Web2Present is not a company, it’s an experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about the world and about themselves in particular as well. I am letting you in good hands though. I know my legacy will continue the same way now with Feven delighting you with our blogs every week. Signing off, always yours El_Dragon!