Explore Australia: Study, Work, Travel

Australia is definitely one of the most popular destinations to travel to. Everyone for sure knows a friend who spent several months in this beautiful country. Australia is known for its nice people, very nice climate and the good travel facilities for foreign people.


The Work & Travel visa, provided by the Australian government gives many people the possibility to enter the country and enjoy the life of backpacking and maybe some farm working.

Especially for people taking a Gap Year after their High School this is an appealing option. The first time going abroad for a longer time and most people will do this on their own. This idea might be a bit scary for the parents, but there are several options to cover this too.  

A recommendable way to start these trips, especially for the younger travelers, is to make sure the first couple of days are being taking care of.

After a pick up from the airport after a long flight, the first place to meet other people and make new plans, is a hostel. Most people travel alone and this is a great place to start planning your trip for the first weeks.

During this first week all administrative issues can ben arranged too, such as opening a bank account and see how it works to find nice vacancies to apply to.

On this same visa Australia also allows students to come for (unpaid) internships. In that way you can work for international or local companies, complete your required internship and get this experience abroad.

Study in Australia

The Work & Travel visa does have its restrictions, namely a maximum age and duration of the visa. And although travelling is good for your personal development, some people even extend this by doing a study.

Australia has high quality educational institutions in a wide range of study directions. Not only do they offer complete studies, but also short courses. These courses are designed in terms with longer breaks in between, which give travelers the possibility to travel and explore the country at the same time.

Another advantage is that you can go for a study visa, because when you are enrolled at a university or other approved educational institution, you are a student.

Go see the world!

There are so many ways to broaden your horizon and Australia is definitely a country to get the best out of everything. And…don’t forget, there is so much more to explore than the clichés such as posing for a picture with the traffic sign that shows the kangaroo!

Check the beautiful nature on one hand, an vibrant cities as Sydney on the other hand. Explore Australia like a local!