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Some of you have written to us about our first blog about classmate stereotypes. And you are right! We were missing so many, some of which belong to the European stereotypes. Europe has a variety of countries and cultures, but also many things in common. Schools and universities are very different than those around the world, and that is how students are very different from other students around the world. And therefore… Can we find funny and exaggerated stereotypes for these ones? Yes, we can! Here is a list of some European Classmate Stereotypes for you to enjoy!

European Classmates Stereotypes!

Rasta Rosie

  • Carries juggling balls everywhere
  • Loves plants, hates bras
  • Is nice to everyone
  • Steals toilet paper from uni toilet

Wannabe Willie

  • Loves vinyl
  • Only drinks homebrew beer
  • Plays the banjo

Healthy Heather

  • Is vegan, and also gluten and lactose intolerant
  • Argues with the Biology teacher
  • Arrives late to class because of CrossFit training

Rich Ruben

  • Already owns an Audi
  • Plays polo and rowing
  • Holidays in Cancun

Erasmus Elena

  • Doesn´t know the language
  • Attends every party
  • Gets the credits somehow

Social Sven

  • Hands out flyers
  • Remembers everybody´s names
  • Knows too many jokes

Unstable Ursula

  • Reads Nietzsche
  • Changes hair color every year
  • Calls classmates for help in the middle of the night

Attached Arthur

  • Gets picked up by his parents
  • Can´t cook
  • Acts tough, but passes out first

Do you know any of these? Did we miss any? Comment below! Watch our recommended Online Open Days and chose a degree or masters so that you can meet more people like this. You can find these people in programs in France, Italy, Spain or Germany.