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Tuesday - February 8, 2022

Creativity and innovation are crucial for success in almost any area of professional activity, and students try to develop them through their college courses. One of the most common assignments that aim to develop these qualities is creating an original essay. However, limitations on this assignment make it more difficult than it can seem. For instance, essay topics can be pretty general, and students need to discuss well-known arguments or ideas repetitively to make them look more innovative. Still, the AI writing service can provide additional support for students who need to solve the originality issue.

AI creates innovative and original essays — myth or reality

AI has become helpful in many areas of people’s everyday lives – we use it without noticing while scrolling through our social media feeds or typing our questions into search engines. Still, the AI’s ability to create something new and original remains a developing feature. Aside from the philosophical aspect of this question, the practical application of AI for creative purposes includes using it as a free essay writer as well. Although the mechanism of this ability may seem strange for a person that is not familiar with the AI functioning and organization, here are several benefits of the AI-based essay writing service:

  • The originality of content. The AI can improve the text’s originality and inspire discussing a well-known idea in a new and unexpected way. As many essay topics can repeat within different courses or partially resemble one another, students can need help with rephrasing and re-expressing their ideas, and the AI writing service may be helpful in this case.
  • Broad database. The AI quickly processes numerous sources in the topic chosen and makes it quicker than an ordinary writer. Although a person can know a lot, their memory can sometimes fail, while the same can hardly happen to the AI. Thus, the AI service information sources are almost uncountable.
  • Automatization of services. Automatization makes the essay creation process more convenient and less time-consuming. Besides, it reduces the probability of errors or losses during the essay delivery process.

Consequently, the auto writer for essays is a reality rather than a myth. Nevertheless, improvement is possible, as the current AI does not possess the level of abstract thinking compatible with the human one. Unwritten essays need checking and reviewing to avoid accidental stylistic or clarity issues. However, they are based on the variety of sources available and have a high degree of originality, so students who struggle with the creation of innovative works can use them as a help for their studies.

The best writing service for when you need a rewrite

Essay topics sometimes can be repetitive, especially when it comes to consequent courses that follow one after the other. Although professors will teach you new writing techniques and improve your skills, they need to check what you have learned before. Sometimes, you have written the essay on the same topic, and you would like to use the same arguments and thesis statement – but you need to submit original work. It is possible to create an entirely new essay from scratch, but this approach can be time-consuming and exhausting, especially when you have other courses to complete, so using essay help can be a helpful decision.

An essay rewriter can help you solve this problem and create an original essay using AI algorithms. Considering the similar content of numerous writing courses available in different colleges and universities, the topics of the essays can be partially comparable as well. The AI uses these essays as a basis to “learn” essay-writing and create an original text based on them. Of course, the writing process includes not only parsing and mixing, but processing of new information to reach desired essay structure and complexity.

Nevertheless, such an essay rewriter is not a complete replacement for the human writer, as it simplifies the writing process and facilitates reaching the originality of the text, but it does not create a work-ready for the submission. Academic integrity requires students’ authorship of the text, which applies to using AI-based services. In this case, you can use the essay writing service to analyze your writing quality or make it more innovative, but it’s not a thing you can ask “write my essay for me.” It is possible to create original content using one’s effort, and the AI service provides valuable help in reaching this purpose.

How innovative content can help you succeed as a writer or student

An innovative approach and original content are vital for writing a good essay. The essay structure can differ depending on the specific purpose and style required, but an original idea creates a core of the text that becomes the central point of its development. Although the idea itself can be relatively straightforward, such as “Global warming is dangerous for our planet” or “Smoking leads to a higher risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases,” it is essential to explain it originally to avoid repetitions or unintentional plagiarism. Here is advice that can help manage this job without additional struggles:

  1. Create a simple outline. If your outline contains primarily general and widespread thoughts, it’s okay. This is the moment when you build up the silhouette of your future essay, so there is no need to aim for perfection at the moment.
  2. Think about your arguments. You need to find unexpected and persuasive arguments to persuade your readers about the validity of this viewpoint. Peer-reviewed journals or governmental statistics, proper source referencing, and a clear writing style can come in handy for this purpose. 
  3. Rephrase the ideas of your writing. However, to reach originality, you need to find your words that will not copy the sources you have drawn inspiration from when writing your essay. Try to find other phrases or structures and preserve only terms or citations if necessary.

To reach more impressive results in creating original essays, you can use the help of originality online writing services. These services can screen through numerous papers available and help you rephrase your text and increase its originality. Nevertheless, it is important to check the essay thoroughly after using these services. Although the AI is skilled enough to create meaningful, comprehensive, and original texts according to users’ requests, minor errors rarely occur. Still, using AI services is a convenient way to improve the originality of your writing.

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