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Study in a Scottish Treasure:

Combining the bustle of the city, the beauty of the coastline and the tranquillity of the countryside, Edinburgh offers you a wonderful variety combining history, culture and adventure.

Edinburgh is a really nice city and you should fit in well as a student. There are lots of foreign students in the city & the main language is scottish and british english, which means it should be easy for you as a foreign student to communicate with everyone.

From the atmospheric cobbled streets of the Old Town to the beautiful Georgian avenues of the New Town, Edinburgh is a city of contrasts blending shopping, historic attractions, gardens and plenty of restaurants, cafes where you can relax or amazing bars where you can have fun during your study abroad experience.

Study Abroad Experiences in Edinburgh:

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Cool places to visit and to have a blast!

Edinburgh castle and the Royal Mile are perhaps a bit touristy but worth your time as it will help you understand what Edinburgh is really like and allow you to take in some scottish history. If you feel like it you could always head to the zoo, there is a bus that goes straight there.

There are plenty of bars pubs and clubs to keep everyone entertained in the evenings with lots of student nights through the week. Some popular clubs are;  Lava Ignite, Why not?, Liquid rooms, Stereo and most places around George Street.


You’ll find it pretty easy because everyone should be really friendly and help you settle in! Be prepared to taste some haggis if you haven’t already (some say its really nice!) and possibly a deep fried mars bar or 2!


If you like rugby then this is the place to be. Support your local team, get to know people, become friends and enjoy plenty of drinks after the game.

Students Accommodation

We recommend you to start looking a shared flats before you arrive in Edinburgh. Set up a few appointments. By the time you arrive in the city you’ll hopefully find a place to move into in a couple of days We’ll  provide you 2 websites where you might can find your next flat : ) :

P.S.: Don’t forget to bring with you some warm clothes – it’s pretty cold and windy in Edinburgh until the end of April/early May!