Easter Special from The Study Abroad Portal!

Thursday - March 29, 2018

That’s right folks, it’s that time of the year again! It’s Easter y’all! 😀 Although a Christian holiday with a different kind of connotation (it’s a reason for grieving, since Jesus Christ died), Easter is nonetheless a happy opportunity for all humankind. It’s one of the few times a year families come together to enjoy the sacred Easter Lunch. Here at The Study Abroad Portal we do value Easter, as we are all expats living abroad and we realise the importance of family on such occasions! Hence, we’ve put together this blog (FROM OUR HEARTS!) featuring different Easter traditions from some of the countries that we come from – ENJOY! ?


Easter SpecialSlovenia is an awesome country to celebrate Easter in. It is a ‘foodie’ Catholic country, whose inhabitants really invest time and effort into preparing the Easter delicacies. They usually have Meatloaf (pork) as their traditional Easter meal, however accompanied by complements such as ‘potica’ (Slovenian sponge cake) and ‘pirhi’ (red-coloured eggs) which they dye naturally using onion skins! In the most religious of areas such as tiny villages, Slovenians go ‘trick-or-treating’ with Žegn – blessed food products after church – around the community.


Easter SpecialIn Romania’s case, we are talking about an Orthodox country (much more religious), that also takes its food seriously, eh! Romanians sacrifice the lamb for the occasion of Easter, symbolising the sacrifice made in the past in the Orient in the name of Jesus, who died as a lamb – innocent. They prepare it entirely, and the goodies resulted are really astonishing. They also dye eggs in red, and after all the family come back from the Church at midnight, they have ‘Anafură’ – bread croutons sprinkled with holy wine. The traditional cake is called ‘Cozonac’, somewhat similar to the Slovenian ‘Potica’.

Easter SpecialDenmark

The Danes do have some weird Easter traditions, eh? For example, what they do is blow out the inside of eggs! You’d think that it’s just for fun, right? That’s where you’re wrong, because after that’s been done, they take the shell and they decorate it and they make it nice! As far as food goes, the traditional Danish Easter Lunch (Påskefrokost) served in the company of the family would contain fish and Danish dark bread, being accompanied by some Schnapps. Kids would run around in the ‘hunt’ for Easter Eggs and the winner receives chocolate as a prize ?

Easter SpecialSpain

Even though Spain is a Catholic-to-the-bone country, not too much importance is give towards having a festive Easter. They do processions in the streets in the name of the local benefactor-Saint, but after they’re done, they obediently go to their homes. In Catalonia though, godparents would go visit their godsons/daughters and as they do, they bring ‘Monas de Pascua’ (Easter Cakes) as presents.

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The Study Abroad Portal staff wish you all the most marvellous Easter that you’ve ever had and may you spend quality time with your loved ones! However, if you’re bored and want to browse our upcoming online open days, they are right HERE for you!