DTU has been voted the best technical university in Europe.

Tuesday - January 9, 2024

DTU clinches first place in the new EngiRank ranking, which assesses the quality of technical universities in Europe.

DTU’s research and study programmes tops the new EngiRank list which ranks 225 technical universities in 27 EU countries. The ranking is based on recognized EU data sources such as CORDIS and Erasmus+ as well as publication and citation statistics based on the Scopus database, and patent statistics from the European Patent Office. With special focus on the EU, EngiRank includes—among other indicators—the universities’ success in raising research funds, and examines how students apply for admission to engineering programmes at technical universities in the EU.

“We’re extremely pleased that DTU is being ranked as Europe’s best technical university. The ranking reflects DTU’s strategic focus on offering top-quality engineering programmes, delivering excellent research, and being the preferred partner of the business sector,” says Rasmus Larsen Provost at DTU.

He highlights that, relative to other rankings, EngiRank provides interesting new perspectives on the European landscape for engineering programmes in higher education. The ranking provides new insights into research and innovation funding as well as student mobility. As EngiRank focuses on universities in the EU, countries like Switzerland and England are not included in the rankings.

Quality in research and education

DTU is ranked as number one in EngiRank’s overall ranking, which is based on 15 indicators, broken down by five criteria: Research, Innovation, SDG 9, Internationalization and Interdisciplinarity. The underlying rankings by subject have been calculated according to a different method, which varies from subject ranking to subject ranking. The primary criteria are: Research, Innovation, Teaching Quality, and SDGs. On the seven rankings by subject, DTU’s ranking is:

EngiRank has been created at the initiative of the Polish ‘Perspektywy’ Education Foundation, which has published the Perspektywy University Ranking as well as several rankings of secondary schools and MBA programmes in Poland for almost 25 years. The rankings are based on recognized data sources and not on questionnaire surveys on reputation or on own reporting from the universities.

The primary partners in the new EngiRank are Poland’s Erasmus+ National Agency, the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE), and the academic publisher Elsevier, which has provided data support. Other partners include the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (an international organization of rankers and analysts of academic rankings), and the Engineers Europe federation of professional engineers.



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