Pisa is known almost exclusively for its leaning tower, even though it is a city that has competed both politically and artistically with Florence for centuries, and it has many more cultural attractions that most people don´t really know about.


The city of Pisa is one of the most important artistic and cultural cities of Italy, hosting many exhibitions, festivals, concerts and theatrical events all through out the year.

A curiosity about Pisa that is not widely known about is the representation of the human existence through its architecture:

  • The cathedral represents health
  • The leaning tower represents reason
  • The baptistery the baptism
  • The cemetery represents death.

Pisa is characterized by INTENSE CULTURAL LIFE. During the Middle Ages, it accumulated great wealth and now it has become a modern city with a lot to offer to students and travelers.

In addition to its cultural and historical attractions, the beach is just 10 miles away from the city, making it a great escape for those studying in Pisa and the fact that it is a very accessible city, it is easy to move around by foot or by bicycle making it even more easy reach universities and other study facilities without even having to use public transportation.

Apart from this, for anyone that is considering studying in Italy, they should know that Pisa is a city considered to be one of the most prestigious centers of university study in Europe, promoting a unique model of research and study.

Due to the fact that it is considered a great place to study in Italy and Europe it has a very large student community, making the city have a lively and friendly atmosphere, with a great amount of evening activities and venues.


There are great universities and business schools in Pisa, including the prestigious Università di Pisa offering an internationally regarded MBA Program.

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