Asian precision, metropolitan atmosphere, science parks and glass engineering marvels along with glowing lanterns and dancing dragons: That’s the powerful recipe that attracts the western world executives and captivate them for ever.


Dynamic, industry leading and technologically advanced: Welcome to the ultimate twenty-first century success story! Hong Kong – with an iconic skyline, a legendary kitchen, a surprise of lush and the world’s 5th-fastest-growing ecosystem of start-ups – leads the way of the global market. The world top finance, technology and innovation hubs of Silicon Valley, New York City, Singapore and Tokyo play it strong, but Hong Kong knows how to compete.


Where Adrenaline Abounds

First come the 59.3 million visitors per year to experience the unique case of “China’s not China” – a blend of cultural interchange that has created Hong Kong’s extraordinary identity, establishing it as the Asian bastion of peace and prosperity. Taoist temples surrounded by skyscrapers, science parks, walled villages, multinational concerns, international markets and breath-taking nature, they all shape an impressing phenomenon that brings you to the edge.


Where Business Go to Grow Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong promises a winning mix of high level professionalism that ensures liability for big scale investments by being strategically located at the heart of Asia, offering world-class business infrastructure, providing government support for companies and enjoying a simple tax regime.



Growing as a world hub for trading, logistics and financial services and identifying itself as a multiplier for capital and services in Asia, Hong Kong has become key priority for all the big western markets.



Where Universities Make the Difference

Hong Kong, enjoying the world-beating Chinese model education system or, in other words, the envy of the Western governments, scores very high on the education field and the international students are becoming increasingly interested in engaging with the crème de la crème of the China world.


The goal of Hong Kong is to become one of the top international higher education hubs worldwide and is doing very well so far: world-class research, cutting-edge technology, relaxed visa application processes, international scholarship funds, doubled quota limits and courses taught in English contribute to the growth indicators that are pointing sharply upward.


Online Open Day in Hong Kong

The Business School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, celebrating the 50th anniversary of its MBA ranked #26worldwide, #4 in Asia and #3 in Greater China, is offering to the current and future international executives the unique opportunity of an Online Open Day: A 45 minutes online session offered by The Study Abroad Portal that offers the chance of getting thoroughly informed about the CUHK MBA programme by Lawrence Chan, the CUHK Director of Marketing and Student Recruiting.


Get Connected Study in Hong Kong

So if you plan to study in Hong Kong, you are looking for the Best MBA programme and you want to skip the travelling costs and the long phone calls, the Asian practicality along with The Study Abroad Portal forward thinking has formulated the alternative for you:

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