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Wednesday - February 4, 2015

Your masters is an investment in your future. It’s a chance to capitalise on your talents and put yourself ahead in today’s global careers market. It’s also a chance to explore further, to discover more about the world and how you can help to make it better.

At Sheffield, you will be taught by experts. They will nurture your passion for your subject and show you how to use what you learn. Employers around the world know that a masters from Sheffield is the mark of someone they can trust. The University of Sheffield is a member of the Russell Group of leading research universities which includes Oxford, Cambridge, University College London and Manchester.

International students make Sheffield great. Choose Sheffield and you’ll be welcome into a community where your contribution is truly valued. With over 5,000 international students from 120 countries, and free English language support if you need it, Sheffield is one of the best places in the UK to take your masters.

If you would like to study an MSc in Data Science, you must know that Sheffield is a world-leader in the field of information systems. Their research areas such as health informatics, e-business, digital technology and social media influences the way businesses, governments and individuals interact. Their masters courses develop well-rounded professionals. They can bring you up to speed with the latest technology and management techniques. But they are also deeply concerned with the social, ethical and moral implications of the data revolution.

The University of Sheffield aims to understand the human world and help other people. If you share those fundamental ideals, they can help you achieve your goals by studying an MSc in Sociology. Their research brings sociologists, policy analysts, social workers and social anthropologists together. They also work with NGOs and other organisations to make sure their graduates have the skills they need to make a difference in frontline services, research and policy.

If what you really want to become is a teacher, you can join the MSc in Education, as The University of Sheffield believes in education for everyone and value creative teaching that challenges inequalities in the system. You’ll be taught by leading academics like Professor Cathy Nutbrown, who was recently commissioned by the government to lead an independent review looking at ways to strengthen teaching qualifications.

The Msc in Food Security and Food Justice suits you if you don’t shy away from the big issues. Sheffield is setting the agenda on international development, climate change and social justice, so you can work together and closely with leading universities, NGOs and other organisations in Africa, Denmark, Iceland, Australia and the USA. Most of the masters courses at Sheffield involve global fieldwork in places such as Cairo, Kenya, Hong Kong, Greenland and Nepal.

Sheffield is one of Europe’s leading centres for the study of China, Japan and Korea; so it’s the perfect place to study an MSc in East Asian Business. Their multilingual academics specialize in Social Change and Transition in East Asia, Regionalisation and Globalisation, East Asian Identities and Cultures, Business, political Economy and Development.

The best way to learn more about The University of Sheffield is to see it for yourself, but we know that sometimes it is not possible due to the long distances, so you can join one of our webinars instead and get all the information on the programmes and the University by its staff!