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Discover the Benefits of Studying a Masters in Business in France!

Thursday - December 3, 2015

As a fresh graduate, you’re now looking for opportunities to broaden your horizons and gain more knowledge in your field of choice. If you are playing with the thought of studying a business-related course, you have to know that there is a broad variety of fields of work where you can deepen your knowledge, hone your practical skills and develop the ability of coping up with today’s fast developing business environment.

Going for your Masters in business abroad is what you thought of. Besides the academic purposes and the instruction received in the classroom, studying your business Masters abroad is an excellent way to interact with fellow students from all over the world, compare and contrast different mentalities and approaches, and, at the end of the day, those are some important ingredients that contribute to the recipe of a successful entrepreneur.


Where to study?

Thinking of Europe as the final destination, but confused which country to choose? How about France – a splendid western European country with plenty of business schools that have established themselves as worldwide recognised experts. The variety of the programmes offered that cover the whole spectrum of business-related courses, the highly practical approach translated into numerous projects in multicultural teams and integrated internships at local companies are some major advantages that recommend France as your dream destination for the long coveted business course.

What to study?

You are well aware of the variety of business-related courses. The most important is to know what interests you most and in which field you will be able to do your best and use your ideas and acquired skills. Here some starting points:

If you fancy an international future career and are excited at the thought of working in multicultural teams, you can go for business courses such as International Marketing and Business Development ( at SKEMA Business School), International Hospitality Management, or International Human Resources and Performance Management. These courses are specially tailored to fit the need of a globalised business sector, and what better way to acquire hard skills (theoretical knowledge, internships, projects) and soft skills (communication, working with people of different nationalities, language skills) at the same time than studying your Masters in business in the culturally rich France, a real magnet for international students worldwide.

And of course, since France is one of the fashion centers of the world, its business schools offer innovative courses in Luxury and Fashion Management, such as the Masters in Luxury and Fashion Management, or the Masters in Luxury Management and Marketing. So if you thought that you cannot combine your passion for fashion and your eye for business, you were wrong. French business schools know that fashion management is a prolific field, which needs experts to carry its success further.

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If you want to further your research and have a look at what France has in store for you in terms of business schools, browse our Course Directory and find your dream course among the over 380 business-related courses in France.