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Thursday - October 20, 2016

What’s even more promising than investing into the strongest higher education system in the world?

Doing it in Doha.

4 Golden reasons to go for it 



One is Good —  Two are the Best


On one hand Qatar:  The lowest unemployment rates, the wealthiest local residents, the biggest large-scale infrastructure projects, the world’s five-star airline and the 2020 FIFA World Cup.


On the other hand, the US higher education system: Cutting edge technology, ground breaking research, academic excellence, pragmatic teaching methods and a unique campus life experience.


As expected, these two worlds attracted each other and signed the 21st century education deal: Qatar targets the best education for its professionals to further grow and thrive, while the US universities need the financially healthiest territory to keep achieving success.


The result is stunning and the students of the US universities in Qatar explain why:

#1. Go far but stay closeStudy in Qatar


Studying in the USA is the biggest dream for many, but living so far away from home is not always the easiest choice. A constantly increasing number of students from Europe, Asia and Africa recognise the big opportunity: The Qatar US universities offer all the benefits of the American institutions and there’s no compromise either on the education quality or on the recognition level.

#2. In the middle of the everywhere


Qatar is multi-cultural, multi-skilled and multi-minded. In-between three continents, the cosmopolitan character of the region attracts the classiest world trade events, the highest profile exhibitions, the richest celebrations and the most demanding business conferences.

#3. Safety comes first

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world thanks to the country’s security services. Carrying weapons for personal use is prohibited and both expats and locals enjoy a highly secure, safe, comfortable and quiet life.

#4. Career me into that

During their studies in Qatar the students are directly linked to a market place that is booming. Being educated in a country whose economy rates are keep increasing, they have the advantage to make their own choices and select the career path they wish to pursuit without having to worry about the unemployment stress.

For Creative Talents Only

Now, the picture gets even better for you if you are looking to move on with your design studies: Architecture, Interaction Engineering, Arts, Fashion or Product Design – if that´s your background, there´s a programme that can guarantee you top-level Design Studies in Doha, the Capital of Innovation:


It´s the global MFA in Design by the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. Offered by the top-ranked US Public Art School, the MFA in Design at the VCUQatar can substantially contribute to your further development by both bringing you to big ideas and helping you turning them into reality.



Interested?  Discover more on the 31 October!Study in Qatar


The Study Abroad Portal opens the doors of the VCUQatar and organises an Online Open Day to offer you a unique opportunity: A 45′ webinar with the MFA Director, Rab McClure, and the Admissions Counselor, Fatima Al-Kharaz to get you informed about everything you need to know!

No travelling costs, no stress, no long phone calls. Get connected, enjoy the presentation, ask your questions, get the answers and then just relax and make your decision.


Find out more and design your future with an Online Open Day!