Welcome to the country of “the happiest people in the world”. The Danish welfare society is characterized by high quality of life and a renowned work-life balance.

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Denmark is a kingdom of thriving cities and idyllic landscapes; an innovative society with a green lifestyle. Denmark’s location makes it a gateway to other Scandinavian countries and the rest of Europe. Berlin is just an hour’s flight away. London and Paris can be reached in less than two hours. And Barcelona, Rome, Vienna and Prague are all just a few hours flight away.

Numerous international studies place Danish inhabitants at the top of happiness and general satisfaction rankings.   

Excellence in education…

  • Danish qualifications are recognised throughout the world and provide an excellent foundation for your future career. 
  • The Danish educational system is designed to promote creativity, innovation, analytical and critical thinking. As a student in Denmark, you will be met by an up-to-date learning environment where you can learn from industry experts and undertake internships in internationally recognised organisations.
  • Furthermore, global partnerships between higher education institutions, businesses, science parks and public research institutes ensure that study and research in Denmark reflect the latest knowledge and meet the needs of a global labor market.


As an international student in Denmark you can expect world-class education in areas such as engineering, life sciences, social sciences and IT Technology. You will also be studying in a safe, friendly and innovation-driven environment.

Global challenges demand innovative solutions! In Denmark, higher education is focused on bringing about solutions for the real-world. Thus, traditional lectures are combined with industrial collaborations and teaching methods that promote students’ ability to use what they have learned and to turn new knowledge into innovative solutions.

This way of studying requires a high degree of personal initiative and independent thinking. Thus, for some studying in Denmark can be challenging and different from what they are used to. We feel confident that it will inspire you and help you succeed in whatever you decide to do in life.

Push the boundaries, express yourself, work with others, apply critical thinking and turn new learning into innovative solutions. Be ambitious. Study in Denmark! What are you waiting for?