Become an IT Professional at Dania Academy

Wednesday - January 29, 2014

*Studying in Denmark is for free for EU-citizens.

In this programme you`ll learn to produce quality control technologies for electronic and data technology systems…

IT Technology DANIAThe IT Technology programme is much more than bits and bytes, it involves skills in other areas such as sales, innovation, communication and marketing. Once finished with the program, you will be prepared as a consultant and as a technician.

This programme includes business and technology, as well as general studies and it prepares you for two main roles; The consultant and the technician.

The IT Network and Electronics Technology programme takes two years and consists of a compulsory part and an elective part.

  • General studies: Communications, Technical Documentation, Technical Mathematics, Information Technology and Electronics.
  • Business Studies: Business Purchasing and Sales, Business Economics, Business Organisation, Project Management, Environment and Security, and Quality
  • Technology: which includes the base electives within either Electronics or Communications Technology.

Register here to join our informative webinar. We`ll provide you with details regarding the academic program, the costs, the accommodation possibilities & the student life in Denmark!

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