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‘C’mere till I tell ye‘ – or how to get along in Dublin

Tuesday - June 4, 2013

This month we are happy to introduce you to the Trinity College Dublin and the Royal College of Surgeons, both located in beautiful Dublin, Ireland.

If you are on your way to Ireland, or planning to come over some time later for your studies or holidays, read on! You will no longer need to wonder how you will be able to understand the locals and their charming accent. Dublin is quite famous for its sayings and slang language.  Maybe you have heard some of them, but still can’t figure out what they mean.

Dublin slang

Don’t worry! We have prepared the most common Dublin sayings for you. Are you ready? Enjoy:

1. Good Morning – “Top of the morning to ye“, “Story horse

2. Hello, how are you? – “Whats the story Bud?” , “Whats the craic?“, “How’s she cuttin?“, “How’s the form?

3. Everything is good – “All’s Top drawer” , “Bleedin Deadly“, “I’m pulling the devil by the tail

4. GoodBye – “I’ll love ye and leave ye” , “May the road rise to meet you

5. Off you go – “On your bike

6. Reaction to something shocking/funny – “Ah be da Jaysus

7. House – ‘Gaff’

8. The Boss – ‘The Gaffer

9. Put the kettle on – “Wet the tae” (as opposed tea)

10. A cup of tea – “Cup of scaldirish proverb

11. Not a bit – ‘Not a screed

12. Be Quiet – “Stall yer witts

13. An unattractive girl – “Not even the tide would take her out

14. Be careful – “Sleep with yer good eye open

15. Settling for very little – ‘Scraping the bottom of the barrell

16. I have something to tell you – ‘C’mere till I tell ye

17. Someone who has a grumpy face – ‘Face like a well chewed toffee

18. Taste this – ‘Get yer laughing gear around this

19. To have no luck – ‘sure ye couldn’t win an argument

20. Messing or misbehaving – ‘acting the maggot

21. To be embarrassed – ‘I was scarlet

22. Your father – ‘ould fella

23. Someone from the countryside – ‘Muck savage

24. Someone from Dublin – ‘Jackeen

25. Are you serious? – ‘Are you havin a laugh / Are you havin me on / Pull the other one