Business VS Fashion, why not do both? Start your study abroad in Milan!

Thursday - May 7, 2020

Are you interested in business, but find your true passion to be in the fashion and design industry? Then don’t look any further and see why studying in Milan is the perfect fit for you!

Why Milan?

First question to probably come to mind when looking for your new studies is: why should I choose this city? If so, then definitely don’t stop reading, as you will be surprised what Milan might have to offer you!

Fashion at its finest 

I mean, first things first, Milan is without a doubt one of the biggest fashion- and design capitals in the world. As Milan hosts one of the biggest fashion weeks around, with brands such as Gucci, Balmain, Versace and who not? Presenting their new collection to the audience. 


Studying abroad might sound like an impossible investment, but don’t forget for students in the EU there are multiple Erasmus possibilities for you to make your studying abroad dreams come true. And Milan is one of those participating cities, I mean win-win. 

Italian cuisine

Did someone say pasta? Pizza? Or perhaps vino? The Italian cuisine is one that will definitely not disappoint. 

Definitely try the neighbourhood Navigli. As this neighbourhood is known for the remains of the city’s old city canals, which will let you believe you’re in Venice rather than Milan. As a lovely addition, they serve amazing food in this area.


Milan literally offers it all, as it also offers some amazing cultural sights for you to see. Check out the Duomo di Milano for instance, but definitely don’t forget about Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is the convent of the last supper and is part of the UNESCO world heritage list. 

High standard universities

Obviously, a thing to keep in mind as well. Besides Milan’s impeccable standards for fashion, they also offer multiple very highly ranked universities. With universities such as Politecnico di Milano and DOMUS University, there is a study for everyone.