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Both Innovative and Sustainable: The Perfect Balance

Tuesday - October 25, 2016


Society responsible and at the same time market leading?


Absolutely. With a Master’s Degree from Oulu.


Why the young generation goes North

The Millennials care about the environment and respect the nature much more than their parents did. They realise the threats and understand the urgency of adopting a different mentality. You can see that in their life style: Healthier nutrition choices, greener ways of transportation, smarter holiday plans, less materials, less cigarettes and more sports.

Does that mean that they don´t care about development? Not at all, but they define “successful development” in a more demanding way: Not just lucrative, it also needs to be responsible. Not only pioneering, it also needs to be sustainable.

This increasing need, to live in a more human and at the same time highly advanced reality, is the main reason why the young generation chooses to go north for their personal and professional development.


F for the Future – F for FinlandFind the perfect balance by studying in Finland

Live and study in Finland stands high on the life agenda of the young people and they explain us the reasons:

» A peaceful country: According to the Global Peace Index, Finland is the 6th most peaceful country in the world.

» A beautiful blend: Leading edge information technology lies on a backdrop of fresh air, scenic vistas, green forests and impressive saunas.

» A progressive society: Locals and foreigners enjoy an equal and safe life that is shaped from low crime rates to very high gender equality.

» A world class education system: Due to the committed government, the focus on transferable skills, the hands-on activities and the innovative teaching methods, Finland has one of the best, if not the best, education systems in the world.

» Friendly people: The lovely highly educated Finnish, that have been ranked as the most honest people worldwide, enjoy a fun and active life full of ice hockey, heavy metal music, fishing and snow sports that excite the guests.

» Santa Claus: And of course the father Christmas, comes from Finland and makes the country even more attractive for the young people that want to see their dreams come true.


University of OuluStudy at the University of Oulu

Of course, the University of Oulu also contributes towards this direction and guarantees top level education for both local and international students. Ranked among the first 250 top universities worldwide, it lies in Oulu, the most populous city in Northern Finland.

Inspired by Finland´s values, the university of Oulu reacts to the needs of both the society and the industry in the most balanced way and thrives in a stimulating environment for business, research, work and leisure, providing the students with a unique learning experience.


Let´s talk business

Oulu Business School belongs to the 5% of the world’s business schools that have earned the AACSB Accreditation (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and with 1400 students, Oulu Business School is responsible for the University level business education in Northern Finland, an area that covers half of Finland. OBS takes pride in its Marketing, Product Management, International Business Management, Economics and Finance Master programmes and its alumni occupy market key positions worldwide.


Days Open to the Future

This year, Oulu Business School opens its doors to all the prospective students offering Online Open Days to share valuable information about its Master Programmes, the future job opportunities, the admission process, the scholarship and the accommodation options. During the highly informative 45-minute webinars organised by The Study Abroad Portal, OBS gives the answers to all the students interested in studying in Finland and you are welcome to join!


You are invited to the Online Open Day!

So are you looking to study abroad? Then you definitely need to check Finland. And you don´t need to go all the way up: Just get connected, enjoy the presentation, ask your questions, get the answers and then just relax and make your decision.


Get connected to the opportunity Study at the University of Oulu

1 November – Master in International Business Management or in Marketing
Attend the webinar with the Program Director, Sinikka Moilanen, and the Program Coordinators, Anna-Liisa Kaasila-Pakanen and Teck Ming Tan.

23 November – MSc in Economics
Join the webinar to get informed about the Master Programme by with the Program Coordinator, Enni Ruokamo.

5 December – Master in Financial and Management Accounting (FMA)

Join the webinar with the Program Coordinator, Bianca Beyer, and the Master students, Mitra Fakhr and Sampsa Hyväri.