Be Innovative and Sustainable: The Perfect Balance

Friday - January 20, 2023

Can you be Society responsible and at the same time Market leading?

Absolutely says the University of Pavia!

Why the young generation puts sustainability first

The Millennials care about the environment and respect the nature much more than their parents did. They realise the threats and understand the urgency of adopting a different mentality. You can see that in their life style: Healthier nutrition choices, greener ways of transportation, smarter holiday plans, less materials, less cigarettes and more sports.

Does that mean that they don´t care about development? Not at all, but they define “successful development” in a more demanding way: Not just lucrative, it also needs to be responsible. Not only pioneering, it also needs to be sustainable.

This increasing need, to live in a more human and at the same time highly advanced reality, is the main reason why the young generation chooses to combine this in their personal and professional development.

I for Innovation – I for Italy

Live and study in Italy stands high on the life agenda of the young people and they explain us the reasons:

» Italian culture and great food

» It´s an inexpensive country to travel

» A world class education system

» Friendly, outgoing people

University of Pavia

Of course, the University of Pavia also contributes towards this direction and guarantees top level education for both local and international students. Located just outside of Milan it offers the best of both worlds – being in a relaxed city but close to all hussle and bustle. Ranked among the first 250 top universities worldwide, Pavia is a great study location.

The University of Pavia is one of the oldest Universities in the world. There was evidence of teaching as early as 1361, and it was the sole university in Milan and the greater Lombardy region until the end of the 19th century.

Let´s talk business

The University of Pavia belongs to the 5% of the world’s business schools that have earned the AACSB Accreditation (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and with almost 22.000 students, it is responsible for the University level business education in Italy. Main studies are Business Studies, Sustainable Management, Agrifood studies, Finance, NeuroBiology and many other Bachelor and Master programmes from where its alumni occupy market key positions worldwide.

Days Open to the Future

This year, the University of Pavia opens its doors to all the prospective students offering Online Open Days to share valuable information about its Master Programmes, the future job opportunities, the admission process, the scholarship and the accommodation options. During the highly informative 45-minute webinars organised by The Study Abroad Portal, they give the answers to all the students interested in studying in Italy and you are welcome to join!

You are invited to the Online Open Day!