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Benefits of Business and Management Masters in the UK for Engineering Background

Tuesday - November 17, 2015


You have an engineering degree in your pocket and you’re looking for an opportunity to continue your studies in a challenging environment. You’ve always toyed with the idea of being your own boss and start a venture of your own and now you’re thinking how you could make the most out of your engineering background. Does this description ring any bell? If so, read on because we have some ideas for you.

A Master in Business and Management is an ever more popular option among engineering graduates who want to take a step forward and learn how to hone their innate leadership skills, learn how to manage both money and people, and why not, run their own company. In our globalised world there has been a continuously increased demand for competent people to gap the bridge between technology and economics, and the combination between a Bachelor’s degree in the engineering field and a Master’s in business and management is the concrete solution.

What benefits would this Master’s programme bring to an engineer?

First of all, you have to know that there are general business and management Master’s programmes and courses specially tailored to engineers’ needs, which not only help you deepen your knowledge in your area of competence, but also give you a bigger picture on how economics and management processes take place in real life situations. Such a degree combination works like a magnet for potential employers, since you will be able to have a deeper understanding of both corporate financial processes and the technical processes that take place in any company in the world. Combined Master’s programmes in International Business and Engineering have become commonplace nowadays, as a response to the challenges of today’s labour market, and, as fresh graduate with an engineering background, they might be one of the best ideas for your future career plans.

What do I learn in such a course?

Such a Master’s programme usually lasts from 3 to 4 semesters, with a semester dedicated to writing your Master’s thesis. In the curriculum you will find a very interesting combination of technical courses (such as, for instance, Introduction to Renewable Energy Forms, Different Approaches to Sustainability – for an Environmental Engineering programme) and typical business & management courses (Project Management, Risk Management, International Markets etc.). In a nutshell, this programme brings you the best of the both worlds and helps you secure a good job after graduation.

If your mind is set on continuing your studies abroad in Europe, the UK might be a really good option to consider, not only for the plethora of business & management courses, but also for the world-renowned academic tradition and high-quality education.

If this idea caught your eye, you may want to have a look at the QS Course Directory that displays no less than 411 such Master programmes in the UK. Compare, contrast and choose wisely!