Become the next Master of Automotive Systems

Thursday - January 14, 2016

HAN University in The Netherlands offers a 18 month master´s degree in Automotive Systems. If you are interested in developing the next generation of hybrid and full electrical cars and being on the edge of specialized automotive technology then this innovative master´s program will take you on the next step in your career ladder. You will become an authority on automotive design, research and development and product management.

Students upon completion of this master´s program have found jobs in the following roles: vehicle application engineer, product engineer, researcher, calibration engineer, advanced research engineer and as a system/CAE engineer.Companies have given great feedback about former students that have gone on to have lucrative careers in the automotive industry, these include Bosch Transmission Technology, and Continental Automotive Group which ranks among the top 5 in automotive suppliers in the world.

The Master Automotive Systems at HAN also teamed up with the Czech Technical University in Prague and ENSTA, a French State Graduate and Research Institute in Brest. These three educational institutes offer the Masters course European Master of Automotive Engineering (EMAE). It is a full time two-year program which results in a double degree (Master of Engineering in Automotive Systems).

You will receive a mixture of practical and theory based lectures with classes teaching about the following subjects: vehicle electronics, mechatronics and software development, driver interfacing and intelligent traffic and road environment systems. You will learn about aspects of automotive management, such as production logistics and management, quality management, project management, cost control and marketing.

If you have an undergraduate bachelors degree in any of the following disciplines: mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, automotive electronics, or a comparable degree and wish to specialize in the automotive field then be sure to sign up for the free webinar live on the 24th of February 2016. During the interactive session you will sign on and get the opportunity to speak directly with course directors from HAN University, speak to current students to see what they think of the program and also ask any questions you may have. To register for the webinar at HAN University then simply fill out your details in the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”z1x23qyr1lmbe0z” autoresize=”true” height=”560″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]