Become a chiropractor at Barcelona´s top school of Chiropractic Medicine

Friday - June 21, 2019

Barcelona College of Chiropractor (BCC) is the world’s first bilingual college of chiropractic, it offers the Master´s program and undergraduate  course credits in both English and Spanish. Chiropractor is a discipline that developed in the Western World due to a fluke experiment. In 1895, Daniel David Palmer, a magnetic healer living in the Midwest of the U.S., restored the hearing of a patient who had been deaf since injuring his spine 17 years prior. Palmer located and adjusted a displaced vertebra in the patient’s spine. Palmer hypothesized that the patient’s deafness had been caused by the effect of the displaced vertebra on the patient’s nervous system.

Learning Chiropractics

The college is now one of the top colleges for chiropractic medicine and the college is affiliated with one of Spain´s top leading universities; The Pompeau Fabra University and students get to have electives at the university. The program consists of a 4 year undergraduate degree program and then a one year Master´s Program. This will result in the certification of a double degree: BCC and IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Upon completion of the program your skills as a chiropractor will be fully in demand. According to recent statistics Spain has only one chiropractor for every 370,000 inhabitants, in other anglophone speaking countries the statistic is only slightly lower meaning that the employment rates upon completion of the program is very high, regardless of what country you are in. As part of the course as well students get to carry out work experience in the field.


Furthermore living in Barcelona will give the students who study the course the opportunity to live in one of the most metropolitan and beautiful cities in Europe. The city has a great international student vibe and has lots of artistic and cultural history. The music scene is booming and there are dozens of restaurants and tapas bars to eat at. As well as studying an up and coming chiropractic course you will be get to live in a great city.

If you would like to learn more

about the degree and Master´s in chiropractic from Barcelona College of Chiropractor then be sure to sign up for the free webinar available on Demand. During the webinar you will learn about the admissions process, the course structure and career options.