Barcelona on a budget – how to have the Barcelona experience, but low-cost

Tuesday - December 5, 2017

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain… one of the world’s touristic capitals… an amazing touristic attraction for all categories of public. However, in this blog I’ll be addressing the topic of visiting Barcelona on a budget. So calling out all students, backpackers and less pretentious people out there – yes, it’s possible! You can have the same Barcelona experience even if you’re not rich. So let’s do this ?

You’re not you when you’re hungry

Barcelona on a budgetRemember the good ol’ Snickers ad? It’s true though – we are not ourselves when we’re hungry. So the last thing that you need during your visit in Barcelona is to be hungry, as that would really be a huge barrier to actually enjoying this amazing city. At the same time though, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; best options in this case are Cervecería 100 Montaditos (they serve sandwiches and tapas and we can assure you that for €5 you will feel already full) and Panaderias 365 (breakfast menu consisting of a baguette sandwich and a coffee for less than €3!). Hungry already? Check them out ?

Barcelona on a budgetHow to get around and about

Very important topic this one – transportation. If you’re just passing by for couple days, we strongly recommend you get the T-10 public transport ticket. The Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Network is extremely well integrated, people being able to use the T-10 for all public transportation means (that is – metros, tramways, buses, trains and even funiculars!). Not only it’s great for that reason, but it’s also cheap – 10 trips for less than €10 (€9,95 to be more precise!). In other words, it’s awesome!

But if you’re a walker…

Barcelona on a budgetThen also no worries! Actually, Barcelona is not such a ginormous city as visitors tend to believe most of the times. It’s understandable, given the reputation the city has propagated over the decades, but coming from a local – you would be surprised to find find pretty much everything within walking distance in the capital of Catalonia ?. In addition, if you really are all about exploring the city on foot, we definitely recommend the Free Barcelona Walking Tours, an outstanding opportunity to get the real vibe from the perspective of a local ?

I mean, nature will always be for FREE!

Barcelona on a budgetAnd thank God, there’s plenty of that in Barcelona and its surroundings! You have the beach, the hills and a lot of green spaces within the city as well. Just always remember this – always respect nature, as in return so will it! Hopefully it goes without saying, but always keep in mind that nature doesn’t appreciate people littering ?. Anyway, there’s literally nothing else one can wish for from a city than what you can have in Barcelona!

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