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The gaming industry is thriving and more and more students are looking to study this field.

The games industry generates millions of euros each year, specially since video games are so popular.

So, what exactly is Game Design?

Game design is basically game development. Game designers must be both creative and technically skilled, because they have to be able to imagine, plan, and build video games.

Collegium Da Vinci offers an engineering degree that provides you with wide-ranging skills and up-to-date knowledge to manage:

  • Programming languages and IT environments
  • Advanced software designs, including mobile technologies and Xbox360 Console projects
  • Artificial intelligence projects and innovative system solutions
  • Operating systems
  • Computer and data networking
  • Database systems and structures
  • Creation and maintenance of IT systems for various computer environments


The IT programe at Collegium Da Vinci in Poland will give you:

  • Access to cutting-edge fields of focus, such as computer game design, as well as mobile systems and applications
  • Specialist, modern laboratories, dedicated to computer games and equipped with Xbox consoles
  • A chance of collaborating with Microsoft in the IT Advanced Academy, to take part in exclusive courses and gain relevant certification
    access to lecturers from renowned Higher Education institutes in Poznań and highly experienced practitioners
  • Relevant workshops and internships and in-company training in relevant majors for IT partners
    access to cutting-edge software

What are you waiting for? Do you want to start developing games?

Register for this free online informative session to learn how you can become a Game Designer.

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