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Are you interested in studying computer science? If so check out the Master´s programmes at Mälardalen University in Sweden

Friday - December 11, 2020

Mälardalen University (MDH) in Sweden has a renowned reputation for its technology and engineering department and has a range of high quality Masters. The Master in Software Engineering and the Master in Intelligent Embedded Systems are two internationally acclaimed Masters with great job prospects and award winning students and teachers.

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The Master´s in Intelligent Embedded Systems programme has been acclaimed nationally and internationally and has a history of winning awards. In 2009, it received a national grant for excellence by the Knowledge Foundation. The ex-students won the best Embedded Systems Master’s thesis in Sweden, they also won second prize in the national championship of Robotics in 2011, and one student was nominated for the Swedish Embedded Award 2011, in fact one of only six students in Sweden. Overseas the Master´s programme won the “Bayer Teaching Excellence Award”, and a group of students also worked on the VASA project that won the Best Engineering prize at the RoboSub competition in the USA in 2012. The graduates of this Master´s program are in high demand as 99 per cent of all computers today are embedded and are found in most electronic products.

The Master´s programme in Software Engineering provides you with advanced knowledge concerning the development of high quality software systems, which is essential for software architects, project leaders, and technical specialists especially within a global development context. The extensive research elements in the programme provide you with a strong background for an academic research career as well. After your studies you will be able to work nationally or internationally as a software architect, developer or project manager in industry or as an academic researcher.

If you are interested in entering the world of computer science and would like to lear more about the two Master´s programmes then sign up to our webinar available On-demand now!

During the webinar you will hear from the Staff and 2 students who give insights into their studies at MDH and provide you with useful information in order to decide if MDH is for you.

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