Apply for a BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Inholland University

Thursday - February 18, 2016

Inholland University is a professional international university that offers a range of undergraduate degrees that are taught in English. The undergraduate degree in Mathematical Engineering is an accredited internationally recognized course offering students electives and modules in both the IT and Mathematical Sciences and learn about big data, algorithms, software engineering, communications, research skills and networking. The course is developed around information and data as these are some of the most important issues facing big businesses and governmental bodies in the world of business.

The Bachelor´s program is four years and in the final year students get the opportunity to carry out an internship in a company affiliated with Inholland University. This will give everyone the chance to put the theory they have learnt during the degree into practice. In fact some of the most cutting edge technologies like graph theory, numerical analysis, data mining, advanced networking (CCNP) and mobile app developments have helped land graduates in some top leading roles within the tech industry. Take a look at the video below to get an idea about what the course has to offer.

So what is life like as a student in The Netherlands? Besides Inholand being one of the most international universities with over 100 nationalities enrolled on its undergraduate and postgraduate programs it has campuses located in different cities throughout The Netherlands. You will have the opportunity to study in The Hague or Diemen. The Netherlands has a reputation as being a multicultural and diverse society and also hold the record for having the tallest people on earth, with the average male being over 6ft.

The careers that ex-students have landed themselves upon completion of the Bachelor´s Degree in Mathematical Engineering include: software developer, data scientist, network engineer, big data engineer, statistical analyst and some students have gone on to start up their own businesses and create innovative start ups in the tech industry. Of course there is also the opportunity to carry on your studies with a Master´s Degree or postgraduate program in the engineering or mathematical fields.

If you are interested in learning more about the BSc in Mathematical Engineering at Inholland University then be sure to sign up for the free live interactive webinar on the 14th of April 2016. The webinar will be hosted by one of the course directors from the university and will answer any questions you may have. You will learn about the career prospects and get practical information about the admission requirements and enrollment procedures. To register for the event fill in the form below: [wufoo username=”web2present” formhash=”zd6amhh14jyht5″ autoresize=”true” height=”480″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]