Academic Zen: Mastering Mental Resilience for Student Success!

Monday - March 4, 2024

International student recruitment involves more than just academic placement; it encompasses the broader well-being and adaptability of students in their new surroundings. Due to the importance of this topic, we created a Webinar Summit to adress the unique challenges international students face, focusing on their emotional and psychological well-being, from pressues, eco-anxiety to techniques to help foster mental well-being.

Achieving a state of “academic zen” involves mastering mental resilience—a crucial skill that not only helps students navigate the rigors of coursework but also ensures personal growth and success. You are invited to explore the concept of academic zen and get practical tips on how students can cultivate mental resilience for a fulfilling academic experience.

Academic zen is not about achieving a mystical state of calm, but rather, it’s the art of maintaining balance and resilience amidst the academic storm. It involves developing a mindset that allows students to stay focused, adaptable, and positive, even in the face of challenges. This Webinar Summit addresses challenges, tips and ways to overcome anxieties and showcase how Universities can help identify and alleviate stress to foster student well-being.

Key Highlights:

  1. Overview of students’ mental health and eco-anxiety demystified by WakeUp Lab.
  2. Beyond the Books: The pressure of student orientation and success, and how Universities can have a positive impact by University Embry-Riddle (US).
  3. Putting your mental health first: Cultivating habits and techniques that foster mental well-being for a flourishing academic journey by Vanillea International.

Join us for this insightful webinar to discover how universities, a mental health coach and experts tackle this important topic. If you wonder about this and want to hear more about it, then breathe deeply, stay present, and let this Webinar Summit on Academic Zen guide you: join the discussion and simply sign up!

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