A world of business intelligence at Dalarna University

Wednesday - September 23, 2015

Have you ever heard of a place called Dalarna? It is a historial province located in central Sweden bordering with Norway. Its name derives from the English meaning “the dales” and the Old Norse form of the province is Járnberaland, which means “land of the iron carriers”.


10665724_1529258010621478_3142601513738253078_nDespite its rich history it is now one of the most innovative technological hubs in Sweden. Borlånge a town located in the province is home to Dalama University and the School of Technology and Business Studies. The centre will be offering this years cutting edge Masters in Business Intelligence.

The MSc in Business Intelligence works directly with tech-giants within the area like SSAB and AAB, so students not only gain experience working with spatial raw data in cross disciplinary subjects like online analytical processing and research, but they also build relationships and work opportunities within the industry. This creates strong networking relationships thus creating more future job prospects.

This is why according to the Swedish Higher Education Authority, students from Dalarna University have found employment in regional businesses and industries more than students from most other Swedish universities.


Established in 1977 the university has over 800 employees 2 campuses and is ranked 26th on the list of Swedish universities. Along with its rich cultural heritage and success in the world of business this makes Dalarna the ideal place to start your exciting new career in Business Intelligence.

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