A Unique Global Master’s Degree from 3 Premier Business Schools across 3 Continents

Thursday - May 16, 2013

Enhance your career prospects in today’s global job market. Get the skills and confidence you need to succeed anywhere the world. 3CMGM will host an informative webinar about this Master on March 20th, 2013. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to join a FREE webinar session to learn more about this program, register here!

3Continent Master of Global Management offers recent university graduates a state of the art insight in global management, while experiencing real-life three major global cultures and (business) societies: Europe (Antwerp Management School in Belgium), India (Xavier Institute of Managementin Bhubaneswar) and the USA (Fordham Graduate School of Business Administration in New York)

3CMGM Students earn two master’s degrees in one year: one from Fordham University and one from Antwerp Management School.

3continenetglobalmanagement The program focuses on:

  • Examining global issues from European, Indian and American perspectives, highlighting technological opportunities for innovation, change and progress
  • Deepening the participant’s knowledge of general management functions
  • Integrating the knowledge and skills required for key managerial responsibilities: leadership, people management and long-term planning
  • Strengthening specific business skills that are crucial for career success, e.g. entrepreneurship, innovation, time management, motivation, emotional intelligence and initiative
  • Developing students’ problem-solving and communication skills and capacity for teamwork and leadership in a team-based, cohort setting.

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