8 reasons why you should choose the LKY School of Public Policy in Singapore

Tuesday - September 1, 2015

Are you wondering why should you choose Lee Kuan Yew School to study your Masters Degree? Here are 8 good reasons that will help you decide!

  1. It’s based in Singapore

If you want to experience true cultural diversity, Singapore is the place to be. Since its founding, Singapore has been home to various races, cultures and dialects. This is most obvious from the variety of food found there, of which Lonely Planet describes in one succinct word: legendary.

Singapore is also famous for its cutting edge public policies: ERP, HDB, PUB, CPF and many more. You may not be familiar with these acronyms, but they stand for world-class policies studied by various governments all over the world.


  1. It has earned a good place in the worldwide rankings

rankings-20149LKY is part of the National University of Singapore, a world-class tertiary institution consistently ranked among the best in Asia and the world. The university has steadily climbed the world rankings through the hard work of the faculty and administrative body. In 2014, QS awarded the National University of Singapore as the top university in Asia, and number 22 in the world.

  1. It is part of a bigger network

LKY has deep partnerships with esteemed schools around the world.


It’s the first school in Asia to join the prestigious GPPN (Global Public Policy Network). The Network is home to a select group of schools around the world, such as Columbia SIPA, LSE, Sciences Po and many others. These are household names in the field of public policy and students from the GPPN get to meet and interact through conferences and other activities.

In addition, students get to access the network and travel around the world, participate in exchange programmes and earn double degrees at Columbia SIPA, LSE, Peking University, Sciences Po, Tsinghua University, University of Geneva or at the University of Tokyo.

  1. Classroom diversity is in its DNA

Every class is carefully put together. International students make up about 80% of the cohort, and a typical class would see students from Southeast Asia, China, India, America and Europe. This is done to reflect the global diversity of cultures, perspectives and professional backgrounds. More than 70 countries have been represented so far.

Besides the exposure to a broad range of perspectives, students also get to form lifelong links with people around the world, who will be assuming leadership roles in their future careers.

  1. You will learn from the best

LKY’s faculty and visiting professors are trained in some of the best universities in the world. They bring real-life policy experience from international organisations such as the Asian Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Health Organisation and the World Bank.


A full calendar of public lectures and seminars await our students, featuring distinguished academics, diplomats and public figures. Visitors to the School include Former Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi and Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

  1. Unique career prospects

LKY’s Career Services Unit is committed to equipping students with the essential tools required to successfully negotiate the job market and sharpen their professional skills. Through their comprehensive connections with local, regional and international organisations, their students can gain access to unique internships and career opportunities. In addition, they offer sound and personalised career advice that relate to your own unique background, professional development courses, post-graduation support and a range of other services to enhance your career prospects.

  1. You will join a global alumni network

LKY’s alumni network spans over 70 countries and comprises ambassadors, senators, social entrepreneurs and private sector leaders serving in Asia and beyond. You will be able to literally pick up the phone and call a fellow alumni in another city, country or continent. Take a look at the results from their 2012 alumni survey, it indicates a high level of satisfaction with the LKY School!


  1. Generous financial support

With strong support from its donors, around half of their students benefit from some form of financial support, including scholarships and grants.

Currently, the LKY School offers the following English-language Master’s degree programmes for young to mid-career professional both from the public and private sectors:

  • Master in Public Policy (MPP) (2-year): Suitable for officials and professionals with up to five years of work experience
  • Master in Public Administration (MPA) (1-year): Suitable for mid-career officials and professionals with at least five years of work experience.

Join an online informative session for free and learn about the programme structure and contents, the generous scholarships opportunities and financial aid, and the prerequisites, admission procedure and tuition fees.

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