7 not so boring facts that probably you didn’t know about ESSEC Business School

Monday - January 15, 2018

Very often we only read traditional and boring information about business schools, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. As a student or as a professional, have you ever stopped to think in which business school studied the Chairman of the Europe Group of The Coca-Cola Company? Or which was the first European Business School accredited by the AACSB?

Since 1907, ESSEC Business School, located in Paris & Singapore has been developing a unique teaching model based upon its strong identity and core values: innovation, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence. Consistently positioned among leading business schools worldwide, ESSEC Business School has long been recognised for its innovative approach to management education, its academic excellence and international reach.

For your reading pleasure and to feed your knowledge, below we’ve put together 7 not so boring facts that probably you didn’t know about ESSEC Business School:

Fact #1

ESSEC has among its notable alumni many CEOs of French and international companies, including CEO of Accenture Pierre Nanterme or the former Europe’s chairman of Coca-Cola Dominique Reiniche. In this role, Dominique led the Company’s European sustainability and stakeholder agenda, enhancing engagement across the continent on key issues with governments, civil society and industry, with a particular focus on EU institutions and broader industry bodies.

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

Fact #2

ESSEC Business School was the first business school in Europe to be AACSB accredited in 1996!

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

Fact #3

The ESSEC community is comprised of students from over 90 nationalities, an outstanding permanent faculty that is 50% international and a vast network of 44,000 active alumni.

7 about ESSEC Business School

Fact #4

Consistently recognized for its superior academic training, the Financial Times ranks ESSEC as: #2 Advanced Master in Financial Techniques & #8 Master of Science in Management.

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

Fact #5

Every year, university Professors produce an average total of 60 articles, 15 books and contribute to 100 international conferences.

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

Fact #6

At ESSEC Business School more than 13,000 internship opportunities (including 2,000 outside France) are being posted to students online.

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

Fact #7

The MSc Management is part of ESSEC Business School’s prestigious program offering, which consistently sees itself placed in the top international and European rankings.

I hope that you have enjoyed these facts about this leading business school! If there’s another fact that you’ll like to share with our readers, feel free to leave it as a comment!

7 facts about ESSEC Business School

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