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5 Ways to Earn Money While Studying Abroad

Tuesday - September 3, 2013

5 ways to earn money

Students studying abroad include both graduate and undergraduate levels. They obtain a variety of different degrees and certifications from accredited universities across the world. The typical stay is 6 months to one year, and the top courses of study include Business Management, Sciences & Humanities.

Though there are many advantages to “seeing the world” and obtaining a quality education, this experience often doesn’t come cheaply.

Depending upon how the trip was initially financed, and other contributing factors, things like food, lodging, books, and living expenses, create a need to create income sources.

There are various ways to offset expenses, and to earn money while studying abroad, depending upon one’s age, skill set, experience and interest.

Today we’ll explore some of the top five to consider. In the words “I’ll Show you the money!”



Internships have long been a way for students to obtain work experience and sometimes pay. Though compensation can be comparatively small, when up against other means of earning an income, the experience and field exposure can prove invaluable. Search for reputable companies. Make sure your resume and cover letter is impressively created and up to date, and that they reflect your greatest skills and accomplishments for optimal results.

 2.Travel Writing

There are numerous print and online publications that will pay for the benefit of your vast traveling experiences. Inquiring minds want to know what the food is like in “foreign lands”. What can they expect from the culture? What lessons on traveling, spending money, flying, or adapting to different cultures could you impart? Keep a journal and keep your eyes and ears open. And depending upon Internet access and availability, you can actually combine this freelance gig with other types of employment.

 3. Tutoring

Depending upon your academic strengths and field of study,  you may be able to help others who are struggling in their studies.

 4. Tour guide

Once you become familiar with the area that you are visiting, in your host country who better to show other “tourists” how to navigate their way around, and point to must-see places?

5. Teaching 

Did you know that your basic English skills could be a commodity? That’s right. Students who travel abroad can find employment in the way of teaching English in some countries. Minimal requirements may vary, but typically a Bachelor’s degree and some type of certification is require.


Keep in mind that depending upon your specific situation and the country of travel; you may have some study visa restrictions. Be sure to check into this, and act accordingly.

By following these five tips, you’ll make the most of your educational experience and discover the joys of being able to earn while you learn!!!