Are you about to study one semester or even one year abroad? Starting from the moment you are accepted by the exchange program you applied for, you will begin thinking about the new challenges you need to face in the short term: insurance, flights, administration and, of course, your new room. Here 5 simple tips to easily find your accommodation abroad.

University Dorms

5 ways to quickly find your room abroadIt is often the case that universities are aware of the growing number of international students, a reason why they offer specific grants that allow you to have access to their dorms. Normally you can find all the information you need on their web portals. In dorms, the kitchen is usually shared and each student has its own room and bathroom. Common areas allow to easily make new friends and often people have the feeling to live in a very large family. Always check the conditions of the buildings before! Some dorms could be brand new, but it is not always the case.

Ask your friends

5 ways to quickly find your room abroadReading reviews or asking for advice to people who have already been abroad in the city you are heading to is in most cases the most effective solution. Word of mouth has proved to be the best solution more than once: if you are going to live in Madrid for one semester and none of your friends have ever been there before, most probably they know somebody else who did, and this person could advise you on where to go or who to talk with.

5 ways to quickly find your room abroadSocial Media

Do not also underestimate social media. You might not believe it, but on Facebook you can find tens of housing groups for students where you can directly contact the advertisers. Nevertheless, be ready for competition and be quick! Many people use it for the same purpose.

Book your room online

5 ways to quickly find your room abroadTo tackle the issue of the increasing number of international students already many startups have begun to offer the possibility to directly rent a room online in the most popular destinations, both in Europe and beyond. Some of them facilitate direct contact with the advertisers, which makes it easier and safer to book a new place without having the possibility to have first checked the house. Not persuaded yet? Consider also that you will avoid competition, viewings or weeks spent in hostels or hosted by a friend. Easy, isn’t it? Here a good example to start your research!

Take a hostel

5 ways to quickly find your room abroadIt’s not uncommon to see youth hostels full of young students exactly like you. Hostels can be a good temporary solution to cover your period in which you look for your new room. You will meet many new friends in a similar situation that will provide you with good information about flats and rooms for rent, plus, you will be able to directly visit the places you choose.