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5 most useful mobile apps while studying abroad

Tuesday - November 14, 2017

Good day beautiful Earthlings! Hope all is well in your lives, because it’s time for a new blog post @TheStudyAbroadPortal full of great advice for current and future students spending their study years abroad. We’ve put together especially for you guys a special list containing the most crucial mobile apps every student should have installed on their phone in order to have a fruitful study abroad experience. Ready to find out? ?

5 most useful mobile apps while studying abroadGoogle Translate

Goes without saying, right? You do need a translation software if you are going to study abroad. Especially if the country you are going is not an English-speaking country and especially if you don’t speak the local language. This is definitely the No.1 mobile app that should be on your phone with the ultimate purpose of surviving your day to day study abroad adventure.

5 most useful mobile apps while studying

Everyone loves cheap stuff, right? Especially international students who need to travel a lot to get home and back in their study country, obviously because they are on a budget. That’s great, because is the greatest app on the market to find cheap flights all around the world! What’s awesome about the app is that it not only shows you direct flights, but if you want the best price it finds flights with layovers which will always be cheaper!

Google Maps

Want to know exactly where your 10AM lecture is held? Then you are going to need Google Maps (at least until you get accustomed with your new surroundings). It really helps with regards to localising campus buildings, as well as other landmarks of interest – shops, touristic attractions or entertainment places.

5 most useful mobile apps while studying abroadJust Eat

What’s worse than an angry student? A ‘HANGRY student’ – hungry and angry! But worry not, the solution is out there! Just Eat is the right app for a ‘hangry’ student to use whenever they want food to be delivered relatively fast at their doorstep. Depending on the place where you’re studying, the multitude of cuisines can differ; however you should always know that most of the local restaurants can be easily accessed via the Just Eat app.


Last but not least – *DRUM ROLL* – is the good ol’ Uncle Skype! The reason why I kept it as the last one in the list is its immense importance to a students’ study abroad life. It’s one of the best ways of keeping in touch with the family left back home and a great means to overcome loneliness. Make great use of this awesome 21st century invention and have an extraordinary study abroad experience!

Online Open Days

Now that you know what the most useful mobile apps while studying abroad are, you are one step ahead! If you’re interested in any specific program or study abroad destination, we are also here to help – have a look at our upcoming online open days and let your dream study abroad adventure commence today!